katrina kaif's latest romantic drama with Sidharth Malhotra, baar baar dekho reached the big screens all around the world on September 09, 2016. Credible sources from the theaters inform that this film has succeeded in impressing critics, and has already started its journey to emerge as a box-office success.

This Nitya Mehra directorial is produced by Dharma Productions., and it has portrayed a beautiful love story which spans over more than three decades.

A unique love story spanning over 30 years

Jai Varma and Diya played by Sidharth and Katrina respectively are hardcore lovers, and the tale showcases the ups and downs in their relationship for more than 30 years.

Nitya blends the possibilities of time travel in the overall proceedings, and it helps Jai to see his future life and retirement moments with ease. The filmmaker also proclaims the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance to enjoy your good times to the fullest.

High production values

This flick is blessed with top-rated production values. The movie is of International standards in all departments; let it be cinematography, direction, artworks or editing.

The sequences after 30 years have been shot well by the director, and she deserves a wide round of applause for this effort.

Brilliant performances from Sid and Katy

Both Katrina and Sidharth have portrayed their respective characters with perfection. Sidharth as Jai excelled in showcasing the character of the brilliant mathematician. Some phases which include scenes in which he tries to become a good husband is a real treat to watch.

On the other hand, Katrina Kaif is awesome as always, and she looked much gorgeous than never before. Her chemistry with Malhotra was so scintillating, and they really acted like real life couples.

Box-office collections

The film had an International release, and it is expected to gross around Rs. 8-10 Crores by the end of the opening day. By Sunday evening, the film may collect more than Rs 25 Crore which is quite huge in the opening weekend for a film with Malhotra in the lead role.

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