Reality TV suffered another loss on Friday, September 16th. Gabe Rygaard from "Ax Men" was tragically killed in an auto accident just outside of his hometown of Port Angeles, Washington.

Gabe was a family man

Gabe, 45-years-old, leaves behind his 41-year-old wife, Katy, and three children ages 10-19. He worked in the family business with his father, Craig, and younger brother Jason. Rygaard Logging was featured on History Channel's hit show "Ax Men" for nine seasons, ending in March of this year. Gabe was the president and ran the company while his father and brother were co-vice presidents.

According toYahoo TV,thefatal accident happened at 9:22AM on US Highway 101, just west of Port Angeles. There aren't a lot of details of the accident yet but we do know that there were three vehicles involved. Gabe was driving a Ford Bronco and had no passengers. The other two vehicles had a total of six passengers who only sustained minor injuries. They were treated at the scene and needed no further medial care. Gabe was transported to Olympic Medical Center where he passed away from his injuries.

Why Gabe was so popular on "Ax Men"

Gabe was a force to be reckoned with on "Ax Men."He knew how to get the job done, made it clear that he expected his men to follow his instructions and settled for nothing less than perfection from himself and everyone else. He would tell the guys like it was when they were wrong and stood by them longer than most bosses would when they got off track. He cared. He really cared about his crew.

They were an extension of his family and he was as loyal to them as he expected them to be to him. Sometimes his loyalty to them would infuriate Craig, creating some very funny situations for the viewers. It was easy to see where Gabe's strong personality came from.

This is the third death in the History Channel's"Ax Men" family. Jimmy Smith, S&S Aqua Logging, lost his battle with cancer in November 2012.

William Colantuono, who was on the show in seasons 2 and 3, was killed in a helicopter crash in September 2013.

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