“The Last Ship,” TNT’s epic series about a United States Navy destroyer, the Nathan James, in a post-apocalyptic world, has been renewed for not just a fourth but a fifth season as the third season ends. This decision should be a welcome development for people who like their after the Holocaust TV fare to be uplifting and hopeful, unlike some other TV shows (called “The Walking Dead.”)

“The Last Ship” stars Eric Dane and “Firefly’s” Adam Baldwin and is based on a 1988 novel by William Brinkley. The novel was downbeat and too place after a thermonuclear exchange between the United States and the soon to be consigned to the ash heap of history Soviet Union.

The 21st Century TV version consists of the efforts of a small ship full of sailors and scientists to contain a world killing plague.

By the start of the third season, things in the United States have stabilized, with a cure having been found and distributed, and something like a government has been established in St. Louis to bring order to a nation with a vastly reduced population. The Nathan James is in Asia distributing the cure to various countries when her crew runs afoul of pirates and a genocidal maniac who happens to be the leader of China who has developed a way to reverse the cure and depopulate various other countries in the region.,

Meanwhile, back in the United States, a cabal plots to break up the country into regional fiefdoms, essentially ending America as a unified nation.

The plot is led by a White House chief of staff who makes Hillary Clinton seem like a kindergarten teacher in her willingness to do anything to achieve power.

The creative choice to make the Chinese the heavies in this season of “The Last Ship” is more than a little bold. The usual practice in Hollywood is to suck up to china in hopes of selling its product to a lucrative market with potentially over a billion viewers.

There can be no question of “The Last Ship” airing in mainland China anytime soon.

Add to the depiction of military personnel as heroes and government bureaucrats as villains and one has to say that “The Last Ship” is one of those rare conservative-oriented TV shows that can be enjoyed without off-putting politics.

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