Ariel Winter (18) says there is sexismin Hollywood and that's sad, annoying, and degrading for her. The 'Modern Family' star gave an interview to Rogue magazine, explaining how difficult it is to be a female in the industry. The teen actress has been working in television since she was five years old and that helped her to deal with the pressures of fame. Although she is very young, she has shown that she has a strong personality to face the media and say what she really thinks, without even getting nervous.

She does not answer the attacks of her haters, only suggests that they get a hobby and be happy.

What she said

Rogue magazine asked what she thought about the effects of her Instagram account, and Winter was sincere. The teen actress replied that it's all aboutsexism, aproduct ofbeing a womanin Hollywood. Although this situation hurts her, she paysno attentionto criticism, as she has been working many years in the industry. The star admits that there is some extreme exposure that she likes: many fans love her and they consider her as a great inspiration for them.

That's why she continues doing what she wants and displays everything in social networks because that is her way of being and she is not going to change.


Ariel Winter has 2.5 million follwers on her Instagram account and there she shows her curvaceous body and sexy outfits, but she also writes smart answers to her haters, who call her fat. She always say 'don't follow me' if they don't like her.

The press is obsessed with her due to the great success of "Modern Family." However, she has planned a future outside Hollywood because she wants to study Politcs at UCLA. She will not study this year because she has to film a movie, but next year she will focus on her new life. She wants to be aninspiration for youg ladies.

She wants to show that a sexy woman can be smart, as well as being someone people can respect.

She thinks this is the best moment for females to be heard and displayed -- something that would not have been possible a few decades ago.

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