Aretha Franklin canceled another show due to sickness. It's been hit and miss as the Queen of Soul has had to cancel quite a lot of shows in the last few years. Her performance was to be the first after an extended health break that began in August and extended through October. But continued undisclosed health concerned prompted Franklin's doctors to warn her off the grueling concert season. In the past years, Aretha Franklin has lost a lot of weight and it was hoped that her weight loss would improve her frequent health issues but it hasn't seemed to.

Here's at how Aretha lost weight and how weight loss does and doesn't fix illnesses.

Queen of Soul rules weight loss.

Her royal highness Aretha rocks the soul gospel world. She also rocked some serious weight loss, shedding 85 pounds. After a major illness and hospitalized Franklin vowed to lose obesity and clean up her diet. But alas for the Queen of Soul, that meant dropping her beloved soul food. And that is sacrifice--BBQ, fried catfish, collard greens in bacon, rice dressing, cornbread, yams and cabbage casserole-- to die for, literally.

They are heart attack on a plate. Aretha swapped out the ham hocks, pigs' feet and chitlins (also called cracklins) for more fresh fruit and vegetables. Franklin jokingly said she traded other, not better, eats for that southern comfort food. But she adds after the crazy-high energy she expends in performance, carrots and celery ain't going to cut it. So she's working on making healthier versions of favorite recipes.

Obesity, lifestyle diseases and weight loss.

So losing weight made Franklin look and feel better. It reduces sugar numbers, reverses Type 2 diabetes, tames cholesterol and high blood pressure, heals liver and heart problems. It can't amend every condition but it can improve them all. Sleep apnea is one problem that weight loss can help but not erase. If you have OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) a CPAP (continuous positive air pressure) breathing machine will help you sleep better.

It may also help you lose weight because you are better rested. You may heal to the point you no longer need the breathing mask. But the apnea won't necessarily go away. Another issue is chronic stress (which performers like Aretha Franklin tend to have in bundles). You can lose weight but until you get to the root of tension, you won't heal it.

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