Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton got engaged during the Season 3 Bachelor in Paradise finale, and they made no secret of how well things were supposedly going while the show aired. Josh and Amanda were living together in California ahead of the finale airing and there has been talk that they will soon head to Georgia with her two daughters where he is based. However, there are rumblings of trouble in the relationship and her ex-husband is now speaking up.

There has already been some talk of trouble in this Bachelor in Paradise engagement, but until now everything was via anonymous sources.

However, inTouch is now reporting that her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio is sharing specifics and things do not sound great right now for Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray. Nick alleges that he met up with Amanda and their two daughters earlier this month and according to Bonfiglio, things got intense and emotional.

Amanda Stanton's former husband says his ex complained about Josh Murray

Nick claims that Amanda spent a lot of time talking about her relationship with Josh, admitting that she's now learning that he is exactly the guy people warned her he was and that former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman described in her book.

Murray, of course, denied all of the claims Andi made about his temper, jealousy, and controlling ways, but fans got to see some of those things for themselves as Bachelor in Paradise aired.

Buonfiglio also detailed that his ex-wife complained about how her new fiance isn't helping with the rent costs and that she said he's messy and his dog Sabel sheds. Interestingly, Josh's rep and Amanda herself both shared comments on these revelations from Nick.

Murray's rep says that Sabel doesn't shed and that the Bachelor in Paradise stars have an arrangement regarding finances where he doesn't pay rent, but he covers many other items.

TheBachelor in Paradisecouplesays all is well

For her part, Stanton commented that there is an agreement regarding finances, but she didn't go into specifics. She added, however, that “Any information you receive from Nick is false.

Josh and I have been great.” The two have previously talked about how in love they are, and how they cannot wait to get married and have more children. Based on what Josh and Amanda did say in response to Buonfiglio's assertions, however,Bachelor in Paradise fans probably can't help but think of the phrase about where there's smoke, there's fire.

Amanda and Josh most certainly are enjoying the opportunities that come along from being an engaged Bachelor in Paradise couple. As TMZ recently reported, Nick has filed documents asking for more time with his girls and more child support. He claims that Stanton's monthly income has skyrocketed thanks to the franchise, surely as a result of the product promotion and advertising that she does via social media.

Typically, in “Bachelor Nation” the longer a couple can stay together, the better they score financially.

Is Nick Buonfiglio simply an irritated ex-husband anxious to dog on his former wife, or is he revealing a bit more truthful insider insight than Amanda and Josh would like? Are Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton going to be able to make their relationship work or will this Bachelor in Paradise engagement soon go down in flames?

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