The Pokémon GO game, while popular, has proven itself to be subject to exploitation in the past, often with people being lured to unsafe places by people exploiting the game. A recent story, however, reveals exploitation of another nature, as malware developers have created a fake guide that people were tricked into downloading.

The Trojan malware that tricked nearly half a million…

The dangerous application is called “Guide for Pokémon Go” and was reportedly available on the digital Google Play store.

At face value, it has been said that the app could be used for its intended use, with the app even offering actual tips to play the game.According to reports, the virus can easily trick people, as it does not implement itself when first downloaded, but actually waits until the user downloads another app. Added to that, the app can determine if it was downloaded onto a phone or a virtual machine.

Software company Kaspersky Labs, who is said to specialize in anti-virus, software and virtual security, uncovered the device’s true nature as Trojan malware.

An excess of half a million people are said to have downloaded the dangerous app. Around 6,000 of the infected devices are believed to be phones.

What can the criminals actually do?

Criminals can use the app to obtain money through two potential ways. At first, they can obtain money from ad revenue. Second, however, it is suspected that criminals can use the app to steal money from bank accounts attached to owners of devices it was downloaded onto.Players who unintentionally downloaded the app are advised to delete the app as soon as possible and use scanning software to learn if they are infected or not.

Said users should also be advised to keep an eye on their bank accounts for unusual behavior.

That said, users of the popular Pokémon Go game are also advised to be careful with playing the game, since, as mentioned, there have also been reports of people being harmed in real life. With stories coming out about distracted players accidentally swiping cop cars in Maryland, users being stalked by a clown in Florida, and even reports of people being murdered while playing the game, it is safe to say the people should be careful not to venture into unsafe areas alone or give heavily into distraction while playing.

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