Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander will continue to cause panic and terror in Salem. "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for next week reveal that another one of Salem's youth will be kidnapped by the terrible trio. Also, another one mysteriously goes missing.

Joey kidnapped on 'Days Of Our Lives'

Last week, Steve and Kayla's son was kidnapped. After the three villains failed to kill Steve, they took Joey and are holding him hostage. His parents are frantic. All of the escaped convicts are dangerous, unstable, and will stop at nothing to get revenge.

Claire abducted by Clyde, Orpheus, and Xander

Next week on "Days Of Our Lives," Claire will be kidnapped.

This is personal to John Black since she is family. This is exactly what Orpheus wants and calls John to brag about it. If only Claire had done what she was told and stayed inside. She has no clue how dangerous the three villains are or what they are planning.

Theo goes missing

Abe Carver's son, Theo, had a difficult time when the power went out. He ended up panicking when Thomas started crying. His anxiety went through the roof when suddenly Lucas and Adrienne started pounding on the door. All of it combined was too much for the college freshman. Next week, Abe will have a talk with Theo. However, later in the week, the boy will go missing. Does he also get kidnapped or did he run away?

Other 'DOOL' spoilers

"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers also tease that Chloe's paternity test results will come back. Will Kate do as she promised and make sure Deimos Kiriakis is not listed as the father? If so, how will Deimos handle this news? He is so sure that he is the father of Chloe's baby that even a paternity test might not convince him to back off.

Also, Clyde ends up shooting someone while Aiden Jennings insists on having a chat with Hope Brady. Does this have to do with Stefano DiMera's murder? Will Aiden offer Hope a twisted deal or is this concerning something else? Fans will have to keep watching to find out.

What do you think is going to happen on "Days Of Our Lives?"

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