Angelina Jolie seems to have found a manly shoulder to lean on amid her volatile divorce from Brad Pitt. Johnny Depp has entered the break-up drama, and it turns out that he and Joliehave more in common than enduring a split under the hot lights of the celebrity media. From legal advice to empathy about the constant scrutiny of the paparazzi, Johnny is helping Angelina survive her divorce drama much more successfully than Dorinda guided her pal Jules through the Real Housewivesreunion.

The relationship between Depp and Jolie goes back to 2010, when the two hit it off during the filming of "The Tourist," according to Radar Online.

Since working together on that movie, the two have stayed in touch. When Johnny was going through his own volatile divorce from now-ex-wife Amber Heard, Angelina supported him through the turmoil. Consequently, Depp has provided such a source of information that Jolie even hired the same lawyer that he used.

Legal advice to future love?

As for what the future could hold once Angelina gets through her divorce from Brad Pitt, there's already speculation that Jolie and Depp might turn their platonic friendship into romance. Although the Sun noted that the friendship between Angelina and Johnny did not play a role in her split from Brad, it also reported that Jolie's friends are discussing what might potentially happen between the two.

Depp and Jolie both have a love for drama, and have gone from his bad boy history and her bad girl past to succeeding in the entertainment industry. Once Angelina is officially divorced from Brad, will Johnny step up to offer her (and her six children) a future with him?


In addition, Hollywood Life's insider revealed that Depp's friends think that romance will blossom soon between the actor and Jolie.

When they were working together,she is reported to have confessed to him that she's had a crush on him for years. And it's not a one-sided fan club, either. The insider also shared that Johnny complimented Angelina by telling her she's one of the loveliest women he's seen.

Although nothing physical has happened yet, it appears that Team Johnny Depp and Team Angelina Jolie are predicting love once her divorce from Brad Pitt goes through.

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