There have been rumors about Angelina JolieandBrad Pitt divorcing for a while now. According to TMZ, Jolie filed for a divorce on Monday, September 19. The legal documents stated thatthe divorce is based on irreconcilable differences. Those differences include conflict over raising the children, Pitt's anger issues, and his substance abuse.Jolie's attorney stated that the decision to divorce was made for the health of the family. Jolie will not make a statement concerning her private situation, and she asks that her family be given privacy at this time.

The attorney confirms that the divorce is true, but the cheating rumor is not accurate.

Jolie filed divorce papers

In Jolie's documentation, she is requesting physical custody of all six of their children. She wants the judge to givePitt only joint legal custody with visitation rights. She doesn't want her husband to have physical custody because she doesn't approve of the extreme ways he parents the children. In fact, that's one of the triggers for her filing for divorce.

Causes of divorce

Rumors also have been spreading that there was a cheating problem in the marriage.

However, that was not included as a reason in the divorce papers that were filed. The three main reasons are summarized to be the parenting issues, Brad's drug and alcohol abuse, and his anger issues. Jolie's rep Laura Wasser said the A-list actress is not asking for spousal support from her A-list actor husband.

Jolie and Pitt's time together

The couple is referred to as "Brangelina" by the media.

Angelina, 41, and Brad, 52, have been together since they filmed "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" in 2005. They became engaged in 2012 after being together for seven years. They got married in 2014. The legal papers listed September 15, 2016 as their official separation date. The math shows the couple was in a relationship much longer than the two years that they were actually married. The last time the couple was seen together in publicwas in July.

At that time, they were out in West Hollywood celebrating their twins, Knox and Vivienne's eighth birthday. Since this is one of Hollywood's power couples, expect to hear much more about this in the days to come.

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