Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in a move that has shocked fans worldwide. The couple and their six kids seemed like one big happy brood as recently as the beginning of this month, so what happened? From the sound of things history is repeating itself today, or at least that is what the latest rumors point to.

Files for divorce to 'protect her children'?

According to E Online,Jolie is divorcing Pitt to "protect her children," and her lawyer, Robert Offer, told reporters that Jolie made her decision to file for the divorce for "the health of her family." What she needs to protect the children from and how their marriage was interfering with the health of the family was not divulged by her rep, her lawyer, or the court documents she filed.

It was however reported in the media after Angelina allegedly hired a private investigator.

Angelina hires PI and learns Brad is cheating!

Page Six reports that Jolie, 41, hired a private investigator after she had a feeling that Pitt, 52, was fooling around behind her back. The PI found that Jolie's suspicions were founded. The report indicated that Pitt was having an affair with his co-star from the World War II-era movie he is making, titled "Allies." The woman's name was reported as his 40-year-old co-star,Marion Cotillard, and Pitt has allegedly beencheatingwith her for quite some time, according to that report.

That is not what Cotillard had to say. Shedenied the rumors that she is having an affair with Brad Pittand adamantly states that her long-time relationship with Guillaume Canet, the French actor and director, is very much intact.

This is a horrible rumor if it is untrue as Cotillard insists and it is so unfair to the woman who was merely a co-star in a movie.

Partying like a single man?

Not only did the PI report back the affair to Jolie, the report also included that Pitt hasresumed his partying days as if he were a single man again and not the married man with six kids that he is!

There are also allegations of the 'off-set' partying including "Russian hookers" and "harddrugs." This is all Jolie had to hear and she put an end to the marriage by filing for divorce. Even before she heard the PI's report she felt Brad's pot-smoking, drinking, and anger issues were taking a toll on the kids.

It's all about the kids for Jolie

The divorce was filed byJolie,but Pitt will get visitation rights under Jolie's requests in the documents she filed.

She is not asking for spousal support, according to People Magazine. Most anyone who knows Angelina personally has said through the years that her kids are her number one priority. It would stand to reason if Brad's behaviors were disrupting the children that would be one very good reason for Jolie to file for divorce. Now that she's allegedly learned he's been cheating on her there wasn't much to stop her from doing so.

'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' again?

Brad and Angie have been together for 12 years, but married for only the last two. They met on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and there was an instant attraction, but at the time Pittt was then married to Jennifer Aniston. While many pointed the finger at Jolie back then for breaking up the marriage of America's sweethearts, Jolie and Pitt didn't officially acknowledge their relationship until Brad's divorce was final from Aniston.

This latest report sounds very similar to the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" cheating scandal. So is Brad's history repeating itself?

The first hint of this recentsplit came from the couple putting their French chateau on the market. People who live in the town where this Jolie-Pitt home is located were told they were selling the estate because the two are splitting up.

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