Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt! The Hollywood power couple are officially ending their two-year marriage, but why? Jolie filed the paperwork on Monday after reportedly having a major blowout concerning their children.

Angelina Jolie worried about kids safety!

The divorce papers cite irreconcilable differences, but TMZ reports there is a whole lot more here than meets the eye. It appears according to the celebrity news site's sources that Brad Pitt may have both substance abuse and anger issues, and Angelina has had enough!

Court docs reveal that Angelina Jolie is asking for full physical custody of their six children with visitation only for Brad.

It is speculated that Jolie and Pitt have been butting heads when it comes to the way that Brad handles parenting the children. Sources close to the couple have reportedly revealed that Angelina feels Brad's substance and anger issues may pose a danger to the children. As previously reported in August Brad had been noticeably distancing himself from the family, which had been very noticeable as they had been a very tight-knit family unit.

It was also reported that Brad and Angie had been living separate lives for several weeks.

Does Brad Pitt need rehab?

This marital stress could also be the reason behind Angelina's health and weight issues and why she has looked so thin and frail. The divorce docs list the date of separation as September 15th, but divorce speculation has pretty much been circulating heavy for the past year. Jolie is being represented by Laura Wasser and is not asking Brad for one cent of spousal support.

The couple have been together for more than a decade but married only two years. Recently it was even rumored that Brad had been spending time with his ex Jennifer Aniston. This celebrity divorce news is so sad, Brad and Angie have always put out such a strong vibe as a happy and connected couple.

At this time neither Jolie nor Pitt have released a statement pertaining to the divorce, but the papers are officially filed and unless something major happens between the two their relationship is over.

The couple share six children, daughter Shiloh, 10, who joined the couple's adopted family of Maddox, 15 and Zahara, 11. In 2007, the couple adopted Pax, 12, and the following year the couple welcomed twins, Knox and Vivienne.

What are your thoughts on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce news?

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