Andrea Tantaros has offered up her side of the story from the day she was ousted from Fox News going forward to where she is today. We now know that Tantaros is no longer receiving paychecks from Fox News, which she did for quite a while after the news network pulled the rug out from under her back in April.

Slap in the face

We also know how Andrea received the news that she was no longer welcomed at Fox, along with how the cable news channel added insult to injury and told her to stay out of the Fox buildings anywhere in the world! It sounds as if the only thing Fox was clear about with their dealings with Tantaros is that she was to stay away, from anything that had to do with Fox.

This is what Andrea tells Esquire Magazine in a recent lengthy, but very revealing interview.

Letter of banishment

About five months ago, Tantaros returned home from Yoga class and she just started mulling over her work clothes for the coming week when the boom fell -- right there in her Manhattan apartment. It was a night in April when she went from picking out a few of her Fox on-airoutfits to total devastation in a matter of seconds afterreceiving a letter from the legal council at Fox News.

It was aBanishment letterif there ever was such a thing. The letter was from the general council at Fox News, Dianne Brandi and it was effective immediately. It stated that Tantaros was no longer allowed on Fox shows or in the Fox building and she was barred from any premises in the world belonging to Fox.

Stay away, but with pay?

The letter closed by tellingTantarosthat despite this banishment, she would still collect her Fox salary. Devastation set in along with suspicion as to the real reason she was ousted. This extraordinary banishment came with the explanation that centered around her book. It stated that it was Andrea's lack of going through the proper Fox channels with her book "Tied Up in Knots."At the time she received this letter she knew the upper crust at Fox didn't like the book cover, which showed Tantaros in a submissive pose bound in rope.

Read between the lines

Tantaros didn't get this far up the ladder at Fox by taking things at face value, and she knew there was an underlying issue that was not mentioned in that letter. It wasn't her book that was the main reason behind Fox concocting this banishment order. It was her formal sexual harassment complaints against the CEO of Fox at the time, Roger Ailesthat were driving the bus on this banishment.

She had also made complaints against several of her co-workers that she believed was also behind this penned letter.

Her complaints to the Fox bigwigs were about Ailes, along with four of her colleagues. This included former Senator Scott Brown and the network's money maker, Bill O'Reilly. Tantaros didn't have any doubts that this letter was in retaliation for her complaints. The banishment part of the letter was clear, but as far as her coming back -- that wasn't clear at all!

$49 million lawsuit

Tantaros filed a lawsuit against Fox Newsfor $49 million. Fox is trying to get this suit moved out of the courts and into the arbitration rooms, where their settlement would be off-limits to the eye of the public.

The lawsuit is still headed to court, as Tantaros has no need to stifle what Fox News did.

Tantarosalso made mention of a few other tidbits in her interview. Many of the people who work at Fox don't like each other. She knew many of the folks both on and off the air didn't like her, but she wasn't there to win a popularity contest among her co-workers, she loved deciphering the political news.

She was a Fox star!

Esquire made mention that Tantaros wasn't one of the star personalities over at Fox, but there are many who would beg to differ on that statement. Tantaros has that rare personality that both men and women admire equally. Despite being stunning to look at, other women didn't find any jealousy towards her as their partnersmade a b-line to the tube to watch her show.

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