The mark of a great performer is how they handle the situation when heckled by an audience member. Amy Schumer does it so well. As part of her current tour, Amy was on stage in Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday when a man in the audience suddenly interrupted her patter by yelling out, "Show us your t*ts!" Unfazed by the verbal attack, Schumer immediately responded that she wanted the guy who yelled that to come up on stage. Saying, “It’s too good,” she asked audience members to point him out. When they did, it was clear that, besides his crass comment, he was also wearing a shirt which read, “I love p***y,” which got a response of “classy” from Amy.

Schumer then went on to ask the audience member what he does for a living, to which he replied sales. She then heckled him right back by asking him how that is working out for him, because “we’re not buying it.”

Amy Schumer said don't do it again, but he did

As reported by the Mail Online, the heckler then received a strong warning not to do it again, saying the next time he yells out “show your t*ts,” it will be out in the parking lot. Security was already on the scene to remove the heckler, but Amy let him stay. Unfortunately he couldn’t keep his mouth shut and shouted out something else a few moments later, which led to him getting the boot from the theater.

He did respond that he was about to leave anyway. As he left, the audience cheered and Amy waved him goodbye, saying sarcastically that they were all going to miss him so much. You can watch the incident below, uploaded to Amy Schumer’s YouTube channel:

Amy Schumer is known for her apt responses to hecklers

As noted by E!Online, fans of the comedienne are probably not surprised at how well she handled the situation as Schumer is well known to putting people in their place.

Amy posed with what is dubbed an “Emmy-winning” film critic at the Critics’ Choice Awards and the photo was later tweeted by LightsCameraJackson, with the insulting comment, saying he spent the night with @amyschumer but that he was certainly not the first guy to do so. While the tweet has since been deleted, Amy immediately responded to Jackson with her own witty response, saying she got it, it’s because she’s a whore and that she was glad she took a photo with him, adding “Hi to your dad.”

When Jackson almost immediately apologized to Schumer, she accepted the apology saying it was OK, but that she remembered thinking he and his dad were sweet and that it was a bummer to read what he wrote.

Nicely handled, Amy Schumer!

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