"American Horror Story" has offered up many big names in past seasons and one of those big names have become a favorite for many... that would be Francis Conroy. Folks were sad to see she wasn't on the screen when "American Horror Story" season 6 returned with "My Roanoke Nightmare."Or was she?

Did nurses snuff out Frances Conroy?

Some fans got all excited when seeing Margaret, the old woman in bed who the sister nurses killedbecause they thougt it was Conroy returning to the show. Twitter users were dropping tweets asking if anyone could confirm if Margaret was Frances Conroy or not.

Tom Chapman from "Movie Pilot" finally found out the answer to this question. That woman who was ousted by the sister nurses was an actress named Irene Rosseen and not the much missed Conroy.

You can see why people thought that this woman might have been Conroy, but if it was the much missed actress, then she would have been killed, which would have made her appearance very short-lived on this new season.

Conroy first became a mainstream favorite on another strange and bizarre show, "Six Feet Under." She played the quirky matriarch of a family-owned and run funeral home.

On the hunt for Conroy's return?

Chapman was giving up all hope of seeing Conroy return, after all, "American Horror Story' is already two episodes into the new season. His hopes were sparked once again when a rumor is confirmed by a follower of the Movie Pilot writer.

A woman tweets that she happened to run into Frances Conroy and she told her that fans were disappointed that she didn't return this season. She told Jenn@HaliJennto "wait for it." She told Jenn that she will be in episode 6 this season! So will this new seasonhave Conroy back after all?

Watch for Conroy in episode 6!

That is great news not only for Jenn and Chapman, but for all Conroy's fans out there.

While most folks thought for sure if she was coming back they would have heard by now, it looks as if "American Horror Story" is keeping Conroy's appearance under wraps! Tonight "American Horror Story" returns with episode 3 from this new season of "My Roanoke Nightmare." The show has released a preview of what to expect, which can be seen in the Twitter video below.

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