Kathy Bates is a Hollywood icon. Remember her role in "Misery"? She played one of the best psycho female roles ever in the Stephen King thriller. That role landed her not only an Academy Award but also a Golden Globe Award in 1990.

She has had many roles and many different types of characters over the years. Kathy Bates has shown us that she is a lady of many talents and can make any role she plays come to life. She got her first Emmy in 2012 for her role on "Two and a Half Men".

When will she get her star in front of the Chinese Theater?

On September 20th Kathy Bates will be unveil plaque number 2,589on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to claim her star! She will be surrounded by many supporters of her very successful career. According to "Xpose" one of the speakers honoring Ms. Bates will be Shirley MacLaine.

Bates joined the cast of "American Horror Story" in season 3 as New Orleans legend Madame Delphine. Who can forget her head on a table being forced to watch the struggle of racism from a view she had never bothered to see?

That role got her the second Emmy of her career in 2014. Season 4 she was a bearded lady and season5 shewasthe hotel manager. She is back this season as the leader of a blood-thirsty colony in "My Roanoke Nightmare".She is sure to shock and amaze fans of the popular Ryan Murphy creation as she has every season since joining the cast.

New project in KathyBates' future

We can look for Kathy Bates in her newest project.

She is preparing to start filming a Netflix original series created by Chuck Lorre. "Disjointed" will be a comedy where her character, Ruth, runs a marijuana dispensary in the LA area. There will be three budtenders, a troubled security guard and her twenty-something son. It is set for 20 episodes so far. With Lorre and Bates working together, this show is sure to be a hit.

Kathy Bates is an actress that just gets better with every role she plays.

The star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a great honor and we send huge congratulations to the actress on her success!

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