"American Horror Story" had fans guessing all summer about the theme. Now that we have that, we still have more questions and theories than answers. "My Roanoke Nightmare" has characters telling the story in a documentary-style narration and character re-enactments running simultaneously. There are two of each of the main characters.

Ryan Murphy has told us that there will be a major twist in chapter 6 that will make viewers second guess everything they believed to be true so far this season. It is so big that it will feel like the season is actually three parts -- chapters one through five, chapters six through nine, then the conclusion in chapter 10.

One of the characters has a stunt double

Yahoo Newstells us that Lily Rabe, who plays Shelby in the documentary side, will have a stunt double. Why? Will she be in front of the camera in the latter part of the season? If her role for the season was to be only on the documentary side there would definitely be no need for a stunt double. So far we have no clues but plenty of speculation as to where the show is going.

There will be a second big twist of the season in chapter eight. Again, we have no clues but we do know that it will make us again wonder about what we thought to be true.

Will this bewhen viewers learn why documentary Shelby needs a stunt double?

Mott family history is revealed

Ryan Murphy has also let us know to expect some key characters to join "My Roanoke Nightmare" from previous seasons of "American Horror Story." Viewers have already seen Piggy Man from "Murder House" in season 1. Murphy tells us to keep an eye out for Dandy Mott in chapter 3. We met him during "Freak Show" when he showed just what a psychopath he really is.

This season we will learn some of the Mott family history and get some explanations on the backstory.

Ryan Murphy has said all along that all the seasons are related. The characters and the stories of each season are intertwined. The speculation to the Roanoke connection goes back to season 1.

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