"American Horror Story" fans waited anxiously to find out what the theme would be this season. Ryan Murphy did not disappoint with "My Roanoke Nightmare."The narration by characters as we watch the scenes play out was an adjustment for some fans, however. Social media showed mixed reviews on the narration.

According to Entertainment Weekly, backin October of 2014 Ryan Murphy said that all the seasons of"American Horror Story" are connected. The seasons all intertwine and in each there are hints for the viewers. Already this season Piggy Man has made an appearance.

He was from season 1, "Murder House."

This upcoming show we are going to see a favorite from "Freak Show"

The spoiled little rich kid, Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock). Being the immature psychopath that he proved to be in the previous season, we can expect him to entertain us. Murphy hints that we will be learning about the Mott family and some of their history.

Over the years we have met so many characters. The main cast comes back each year to take on a new role and show how versatile they really are with the extreme differences from previous "American Horror Story" roles. Murphy has promised that we will be reunited with many characters this season. Ones that we haven't seen in years.

What is to come this season?

"My Roanoke NIghtmare" is underway and we are two episodes in. Already Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, co-creators, are warning us of a big twist. They protected not only the theme for this season but also what is to come. The twist is so big they tell us to expect the season to be broken down in sections.

Shows one through five are one segment, episodes six, seven, eight and nine another, and then episode ten is in its own league. Whatever the twist is in episode six will change it all! What fans thought they werewatching turned out to be wrong.

No matter what the twist is, fans will not be disappointed!

Again and again the FX series has proven it is a hit and the twist is always something fans couldn't see coming, just like the end always leaves fans wanting more.

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