The creators had several trailers done up to advertise season 6 of American Horror Story. Only one is correct and the rest are to mislead. The decision was made to keep fans in suspense until the premiere.According to Yahoo, at the recent Paley Fest event, co-creator Ryan Murphy did reveal a few details. He referred to the children in season 5 Hotel. Ryan hinted that there will be children this year as well.

When did a name first slip out?

Rotten Tomatoes has a landing page for AHS up already and have put "The Mist" as the season title. Not a lot of credence was given at the time, however because it could have been simply a phrase used as a placeholder for the real season name.

With the normal premiere of AHS in October there was still plenty of time.

The premiere this year is September 14th. That means we are within 2 weeksand American Horror Story: The Mist is showing up in more places. Some cable networks load schedules 2 weeks in advance and they are showing this title with no info on what the show is about. Social media has fans from across the country weighing in and the ones that have listings 2 weeks out are consistent and all seeing the same thing.

Now the creators are set on surprising us so really this doesn't tell us anything. The Mist, as well as the promise of children,could tie back into any of the themes in the trailers that were released.

Which cast members will be returning to AHS?

At the Paley event, the American Horror Story panel included Sarah Paulson, Denis O'Hare, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer, Finn Wittrock, Cheyenne Jackson, Wes Bentley, and Angela Bassett.

Ryan told the panel at that event that the creators were working on two ideas at once but each and every one of the panel members could return if they wanted to. At that time the only confirmed were Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett.

No matter what they have planned for season 6, American Horror Story fans won't be disappointed.

The creators manage to give us a great storyline with unforeseen twists that keep us wanting more.

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