The widely known FX original premieredepisode one of its newestseason September 14th, and it has fans confused, disappointed, angered, and even satisfied. With a brand new concept and a story basedon true events, it is unlike anything they've ever done before. Based upon The Roanoke Colony, otherwise known as The Lost Colony, this season will delve into what may or may not have happened there, of course adding it's own flair.

The history of Roanoke:

In 1590, the appointed governor of Roanoke Island, John White, had returned from a supply trip to England to find the settlement completely desolate.

All one-hundred of the colonists living on the settlement had disappeared without a trace, as there were no signs of violence or resistance. The one and only clue that was ever recovered from the space in which they disappeared was a cryptic message of the word, "CROATOAN"carved into a nearby palisade.

However, in 1998, archaeologists, who were at the time studying tree-ring data, were able to conclude that there were extreme drought conditions between the years 1587 and 1589. The logical conclusion to this, they decided, was that the persistentdrought is what caused the colony's demise. Still, though, no one knows what happened to the colony after they left. Did they mesh together with the Indian tribe, the Croatoan?

Was it something more sinister? To this day, there are still many theories floating around about what could have happened those hundreds of years ago.

The 'Roanoke Nightmare' overview and symbolism:

Fans have deduced, based upon the show within the show's title, that the themeof this years seasons of AHS is "My Roanoke Nightmare."As we know it so far, the couple of Shelby and Matt move into a deserted farm house in the rural south.

Not so humbly greeted by a clan of white men bearing nasty teeth and the stench of inbreeding, they were threatened and told that they would inevitably die if they moved into the home.

In true AHS fashion, they moved into the home anyway! Shelby experienced very terrifyingthings such as raining teeth disguised as a hailstorm, a near death experience in her outdoor hot tub conveniently located near the woods, and her and Matt's sister who had moved in with them because of this, Lee, being trapped in the basement.

Matt himself had a garbage can thrown at him by some half man, half pig beast that resides on theoutskirts of their residence and he was welcomed by a slaughteredpig at the doorstep.

Much of this is what I believe to be symbolism. The strange doll-like objects hung up andplaced inside the house and throughout the woods where Shelby found herself trapped and the pigs, both the knife stabbed into the pork she was cooking, the dead pig on the doorstep, and the beast previously mentioned. This could all tie in to The Lost Colony and sinister entities inhabiting the property. What do you think it symbolizes?

Final thoughts:

AHS6 (an abbreviation appropriately named for the sixth season of AHS) seems to be slightly more promising than the past couple seasons which have disappointed many who have been fans of the show since its debut in 2011.

With an interesting new narrative, a documentary within the show, and a great set of actors already presented, I believe that if Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk delivered with this one, they could strike gold. I am anticipating the next episode to see if things become more interesting and well-rounded, and if the season is truly one to remember.

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