The production behind the documentary series (My Roanoke Night), on which revolves American Horror Story: Roanoke, was first seen in the third episode of this season of the series and would be the first indication of what would happen from the sixth chapter. Just minutes ago, it was revealed a new image, which confirms the theory about the nature of Roanoke. Next, we will be talking about everything is happening in this series, and of course about this new image and new information.

The unscripted scene

In the scene unscripted, the voice of a stranger, which is probably the producer of the show, which obliges Lee (Adina Porter) to continue telling the story of the disappearance of her first daughter, despite his initial refusal, being in evidence the hidden cameras, which are filming this special. While this person was not seen on the screen, for fans of American Horror Story, the tone of voice, it is Cheyenne Jackson, an actor who made his debut this season, in the series Hotel.

The true theory about the nature of Roanoke

A few days ago, Ryan Murphy revealed that American Horror Story: Roanoke, would suffer a drastic change in its sixth episode and for many, this change would be a new perspective on the plot, instead of a drama reconstructed with actors, and that, from this point would focus on the people behind the cameras. The show has a great twist and what you think you see is not what you're seeing, ‘Murphy told to Entertainment Weekly, while Brad Falchuk, the other creator of American Horror Story, said that" nobody knows what we are doing’.

The new image revealed

In this context, Cheyenne Jackson shared a photo from the set of Roanoke, where two chairs are views, one with his name and another with Kathy Bates' name, who plays in American Horror Story: Roanoke, the ghost, Thomasin White, also known as the 'Butcher'. Apparently, the two have recorded together for the first time.


According to a theory of the fans, the actors who portray Shelby (Sarah Paulson), Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and Lee (Angela Bassett), are recorded in the same mansion of Murder House and that continues to this proposal, this team would be living its own horror story, although they are not yet aware of that.

Below is the new trailer of episode fourth of this Horror story series:

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