The cliff hanger from last week on "American Horror Story" had Lee's daughter missing as the episode closes. You see Lee, Matt and Shelby standing under a tall tree in horror looking up. What were they looking at that dropped their jaws and pushed Lee to break out in tears? What is going on in this Roanoke farmhouse?

Yellow jacket flapping in the wind.

They were looking at Flora's yellow jacket blowing in the wind, it was the same top that Lee's daughter was wearing when she was last seen. So how did it get to the top of that tree without any branches for someone to climb on?

This is "American Horror Story," so some spirit or entity made that happen.

Trading a doll so Priscilla won't murder the family?

Lee's daughter, Flora, was coaxed out of the house by the ghost of a little girl. This is the same ghost who Flora called Priscilladuring her last visit at the house. Lee's daughter was whipped away by her father just as she was negotiating a trade of her beloved doll with Priscilla while hiding in a dark closet. Flora was going to trade her doll to this ghost of Priscilla so this ghost wouldn't kill the entire family.

Needless to say Lee's estranged husband wasn't happy when hearing his daughter talking about murder.

This was especially noted when she told them that the ghosts were not only going to kill the entire family, but they were going to let Flora go last! Flora goes home with her dad, who promises Lee she won't see her again for a while. Lee is on thin ice with her estranged husband, but wants to see her daughter andperforms a parental kidnapping when he won't let her.

Where is Flora?

It was when Flora was at the house during this kidnapping that she went missing.

With the ex-husband on his way to get their daughter, Lee, Shelby and Max are terrified in the woods at the fate of Flora after seeing where her jacket ended up. There is no rational way for her jacket to be flying like a flag atop the tallest tree in the woods!

First of all it was almost ludicrous for Lee to bring Flora back to the house after what happened with her and the ghost. By now Lee knew there was something very evil going on this house and she knew this even before Flora started talking to the murdering ghost.

They've had things thrown at them, knives stuck in the ceiling and ghosts with torches invade their house, so why would Lee bring the child back there? Is this house starting to control her? There's also signs this may also be happening to Shelby, who was desperate to move and then changed her mind to where she was suddenly starting to defend the house.

Will Flora be found before her dad arrives?

For that matter why doesn't Lee hightail out of there herself? What is keeping them there? Where is Flora and will they find her before her father arrives? He hasn't called the police on Lee yet, but Flora missing in the woods is a game changer and he will this time around if Flora is still missing when he gets there.

Tune in tonight to see these questions answered! Check out "American Horror Story" on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on the FX Channel.

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