If you think you know what "American Horror Story: Roanoke" is all about, you may likely be disappointed. If you think it isn't complicated enough already, then get ready for a few more twists and turns. So far, we've only been introduced to part of the storyline for season 6 of the horror anthology. Ryan Murphy has recently shared that there are more twists to come. In fact, the show that you think you're watching isn't what you're watching at all. Of course, he's still being cryptic, but where would the fun be if he wasn't like that?

What's with the documentary style for 'American Horror Story' season 6?

There have been some mixed reviews over the Roanoke storyline so far. Some people love the different take on telling the story, while others have found it downright boring. They want more action and more glamour. They want something like the earlier seasons of "AHS." For those who do find documentary style storytelling boring, there is some good news. From episode 6 there is going to be a complete turnaround. Fans will take a step back and wonder what has happened.

Could someone actually be watching this documentary?

One of the biggest theories about "American Horror Story" season 6 is that the documentary is on the TV screen of someone else. We're watching what someone else is watching. Sound confusing enough for you? It is possible that this is just a side storyline for the season, and we'll have a completely different storyline from episode 6. Murphy did hint that there would be two storylines set up for the season.

We just thought that meant there would be a season later on in the year, as there were hopes that the FX series would air two seasons in one year.

So, now we have no idea what is going on. We just have to hope that all of this is definitely worth waiting for. Right now, the storyline does seem a little basic and we're left wondering if there can be any twists. After all, we get to see the main protagonists telling the story that they lived through, so nobody could really die, right?

"American Horror Story: Roanoke" continues on Wednesdays at 10pm on FX.

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