"American Horror Story" has always been one of those shows that has been an expert at keeping the audience guessing. After the success of season one, the show has taken a lot of pride and effort in keeping its theme a secret, going to great lengths to protect the overall arc that will haunt audiences for a year. After fans were treated to a truly unique and chilling theme in the form of 'Roanoke' in season 6, show creator Ryan Murphy has yet another surprise lined up that will happen a drastic impact in the coming few weeks.

Are you ready for a twist?

The story of "American Horror Story: Roanoke" so far has followed the grim adventures of a couple trapped in a supernatural reality show called "My Roanoke Nightmare", a premise that is already pretty meta for a horror show.

According to Ryan Murphy though, the complications are only beginning, as the show is set to take a massive 'Twilight Zone' type twist after episode six.

The episode in focus, set to air on October 19, is going to apparently change everything you thought you knew about the direction of the season in a massive way. If someone like Ryan Murphy, who is used to throwing twists and bombshells every second episode is claiming that this twist is big, then it must be hugely dramatic for audiences.

This is what Murphy said about this major spoiler: "But even TMZ couldn't spoil AHS: Roanoke's huge surprise. Halfway through the season, Roanoke will flip everything on its head. Starting in Episode 6 the show has a huge turn, and the thing that you think you're watching is not what you're watching"

This is extremely exciting news for fans of the series who are already quite used to concurring and dramatic reveals from the show.

If we had to take a moment to contemplate what the nature of the twist could be, it could possibly revolve around the whole concept of the reality show itself.

Even the actors on the show are extremely excited about the upcoming twist, with Cuba Gooding Jr saying things like the idea will "take the show to another level" and that the twist will make you feel like "you've got your brains all over the wall".

Just three more episodes, and we can analyze the nature of this twist in detail. Keep your socks on until then, fans of the series, because things are going to get chilly.

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