"American Horror Story" rolls out episode 3 tonight from their season "My Roanoke Nightmare," and the promo to this episode has offered up some confusion around one of the characters who seems to be getting a bit hot under the collar. Beside the promo leaving the viewers waiting for answers, Shelby did a complete turnaround during the last episode which was extremely bizarre.

Frightened Shelby

The noises and strange happenings around the house suggested they were being targeted by hillbillies in the area who wanted their house.


This originally brought Shelby to her knees and she wanted to move out immediately. You couldn't leave her in a room by herself because she was in fear.

When she was at home with Lee and the two get locked in the basement she was at an arm's length away from Lee at all times. She begged her sister-in-law not to leave the cellar and go upstairs. Shelby wanted to move out of the house. She even took off in the car when Matt and Lee didn't agree with her about selling and relocating. 

Shelby's transformation into a fighter

Then, all of a sudden Shelby turns into a fighter, she even takes off into the eerie dark night by herself to catch the people who are taunting them, without so much as a weapon in hand.

All Shelby had with her was a flashlight, calling out into the darkness, "who's there." What suddenly prompted this transformation?

She was meek and afraid one minute, then ready to do battle the next. When it gets to the point that they have to realize that they are dealing with other-worldly things, like ghosts, and not hillbillies as they first thought, it seems her fear turns into a newfound infatuation with this farmhouse. What is this house doing to them?


The two women who didn't care too much for each other have now become friends and even Matt is taken back a bit. It seems the house has them bonding with each other while starting to idolize the property?

So what's up with Lee?

The format of "American Horror Story" is set up differently this season as it is set up to look like the people that this really happened to are narrating this story as actors portray them. At one point you hear the "real" Shelby say that she hates the house and wants to move.

She has from almost the minute they moved in. Did something in this house take Shelby over? Now she is hell-bent on staying in this house that has proven very dangerous and she's somehow very different from the woman who was cowering just days before.

Is this house changing them?

Now Shelby is leading the fight to stay and not let anyone run them out of their home as Matt and Lee look on in surprise for her sudden about-turn. Then there is Lee, who tells the cameraman twice during the filming to "turn off the camera" as she is narrating what her character is feeling during a scene.


You can see this in the YouTube clip above.

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