"American Horror Story"offers up their new season titled, "My Roanoke Nightmare." What makes this season so enticing is that it is based on mysterious true events in history. The Lost Colony of Roanoke was an event that occurred back in 1590 off the coast of North Carolina. This has led to many theories through the centuries, but this is one mystery that has never been solved. The Roanoke colony later became known as the Lost Colony.

Based on true story

The Roanoke Colony has made its way into the setting for this season of "American Horror Story.

" By the time the season is done, they just might offer a feasible scenario as to what just happened to the 117 men, women, and children of Roanoke colony, which was an English settlement, according to the IB Times News. The people of the colony were running out of supplies when the governor decided to set sail for England to get some much needed supplies.

No people, no bodies

Governor John White and his crew left in 1586 for England, but because the war with Spain caused a major delay in his return he didn't step foot back on Roanoke Island until August of 1590, reports This Day in History.

By the time the Governor and his crew returned, there was no sign of people, either living or dead. All he found was the word Croatoan carved into one of the trees. Knowing that there was an island 50 miles away with that name, they took this as a message saying where the colonists had gone, but they were wrong.

The vanishing of all these people, including Governor White's own family members, remains a mystery still today.

In modern times studies of the area were able to determine that a severe drought overcame the area between 1587 and 1589. This still doesn't explain whynot one body was found by the Governor and his returning crew. They found no human remains.

Folklore spins

The mysterious disappearances and the fact no remains were found has spun this area of North Carolina into many tales of folklore about the people who were never found.

You can see the references to Roanoke Colony in the new season of "American Horror Story." Shelby comes across what appears to be the settlers spirits while she is in her hot tub in her own backyard. Matt sees what looks like settlers carrying torches through his property via his home security camera.

Viewers get a glimpse of Kathy Bates and she looks like some type of a witch as she condemns a man to be put on a spit over a fire. Before the man is torched, he is fitted with a dead pigs head and they chant as he burns. This is one of the scenes that Shelby stumbles upon in the woods. Is "American Horror Story" suggesting the colonists fell into madness?

This is the best way to describe the scenes seen by Shelby so far.

This season has also taken another true story in modern-day history of two nurses who killed eight of their patients. The story of these nurses was used for this season as their ghosts are haunting the house that Shelby and Matt purchased.

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