"American Horror Story" Roanoke is winding up to be a Wednesday night destination for a good horror story once again. So what do you have to look forward to this time around? Viewers have gotten a glimpse of Kathy Bates in her new role, and her character has already brought the audience to a place filled with gore. Then, of course, Sarah Paulson is back, who is a mild-mannered yoga teacher in season 6. This is a rather generic character compared to all the very elaborate roles she's played in previous seasons of "American Horror Story."

Yoga teacher stressed-out

You've seen her play a character of a two-headed woman and a ghost addicted to heroin as just two of her roles in the different seasons of this show.

At first glance, or at least through the first two episodes of "American Horror Story" 6, it looks like Sarah Paulson has the least flamboyant role she's had so far, but looks can be deceiving.


According to "EW," Sarah Paulson had a surprise for them when they asked her what's the most bizarre thing she's done as a character on all on the "American Horror Story" seasons so far. Mind you; Paulson has previously played the role of Sally who honed in on her sewing techniques to sew herself to two other people on a past season.

That's about as weird as it gets... but can she beat that bizarre offering?

So when Paulson said it's during this new season where she is doing the weirdest thing she's ever done in all the seasons of the show combined, you can only imagine what's in store! She's been a journalist who's been institutionalized and a witch with some mighty powerful assets, so what could her character as a mild-mannered yoga instructor experience that tops the other seasons?

Hillbillies or ghosts?

So far episode 1 and 2 have offered up some very strange scenarios, and it's definitely going in the direction of weird, that's for sure! At this point in the season Paulson, who plays Shelby, and her husband Matt, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. have moved into an old farmhouse in North Carolina, but it's anything but a traditional farmhouse.

The place is haunted, and the viewers know this, but Matt and Shelby think it is a family of redneck hillbillies who are taunting them and trying to get them to move.

The couple purchased the house at an auction, and the hillbilly family was also bidding on the house, but they lost out to Matt and Shelby. To say the hillbillies were peeved, would be an understatement.

Matt, who is a traveling salesman. is away from home often and because the first time he left Shelby there alone, she was almost drowned in the backyard hot tub by someone holding her head underwater. She describes a group of men carrying torches as the people who did this to her. So she won't be alone while he's gone, Matt calls his rough and ready ex-cop sister to stay with Shelby who comes with a bunch of baggage from her own life.

Rattled by ghosts and the past baggage

Angela Basset plays the sister, a disgraced cop who was fired due to her pain pill addiction, which started after she was shot on the job. She has shared custody with her ex of their young daughter, who comes for a visit for a few days. Upon leaving she tells her mother and her furious father that her little friend ( a ghost of a child) said they would all be murdered.

That cures the visitation, but this ex-cop goes and gets her daughter one more time, which is basically a parental kidnapping. While waiting for the now very furious dad to get there to pick up his daughter, the unthinkable happens.

The little girl is coaxed out of the house and into the woods by the ghost of a child, and she is nowhere to be found. Episode 2 ends as they spot the child's jacket on top of a extremely tall tree that would be impossible to climb because it is missing its branches. Wednesday night should pickup with the search for the child.

Check out the "American Horror Story" season 6 "My Roanoke Nightmare" on Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EST. on the FX channel.

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