Amber Rose revealed shocking weight loss after just a few weeks on "Dancing With The Stars." She and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy may be at the bottom of the DWTS celebrity lineup, but Amber is at the top of her game in shedding the pounds. She joins other big celebrity weight losers, except her path was a little different. Here is the DWTS star's secrets to losing weight and avoiding elimination. They'll raise your eyebrows, if not your blood pressure.

Rose is dancing her butt off

Amber took the road less traveled in weight loss--exercise vs. diet. She found that dancing on DWTS is no cotillion at the lake.

It's more like the dance marathons where couples had to keep moving sometimes for days on end. DWTS demands tons of energy to keep up with the four to five hours of practice daily. Then dancers have homework, working to repeat what went right and correct what went wrong in practice and performance. But all that Olympian effort paid dividends. It kept Rose and her partner on the show (they were almost eliminated). It also lost her 8-10 pounds in just a few weeks. Her weight loss isn't dangerous, like Val Kilmerrecently showed. She literally danced the weight off, presuming she wasn't also dieting. More likely, as in competitive swimming or other sports events, Amber Rose is upping calorie intake, especially the carbs.

Amber Rose and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: dancing balls to vagina

Yes you read that correctly. That's the advice given by Chmerkovskiy's girlfriend and mother-to-be of his child, Peta Murgatroyd. And Ms. Murgatroyd ought to know--she's a former champion on "Dancing With The Stars." In order to bust a move that will win the ballroom competition, Peta said that Maksim's "balls" and Amber's vagina need to touch.

That gives an entirely new meaning to "dancing cheek to cheek." But if you think about it, this is perfect advice. In all ballroom dance, especially the Latin dances, you see dancers crotch to crotch. They almost appear to be copulating! And that closeness makes them dance more as one unit. Even Amber, who is not shy about discussing any sexual topic imaginable, demurred at Peta's suggestion.

Rose was concerned that their choreographer would be disturbed by another woman's genitalia so up close and personal with her fiance's junk. But Amber realized that (as it theater), it's not about sexuality, but art. Maybe all that bump and grind helped her lose weight?

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