Amber Rose was less than comforted when "Dancing With The Stars" judge Julianne Hough called her performance with Maksim Chmerkovskiy "uncomfortable." Hough was quick to defend herself saying this was not meant as body-shaming or discomfort with the DWTS "Booty" dance. But Amber may not have gotten that message. Will she milk this apparent criticism as bullying, or take Hough's constructive remarks in the spirit in which they were given and improve her performance?

Amber Rose heard body-shame

On "Loveline with Amber Rose" the celebrity expressed hurt that a judge could be so body-shaming.

After a leg-raise and dip with Maks, Hough was heard to say "Oh, that makes me uncomfortable." Immediately, Amber took it as a slur on her "ass, hips, legs" sexy costume, etc. She was heartbroken, but also confused because all DWTS dances, especially the salsa ones are sensual and costumes skimpy and tight to reveal a lot of booty, cleavage and thigh. Dance partners dance extremely intimately, some would say erotically. They grind all over each other to use the vernacular. It's literally pelvis to pelvis and sometimes crotch to face, ergo the term "dirty dancing." So why single her out, Amber wondered.

Hough was uncomfortable but not with Amber's booty

The DWTS judge was quick to point out that yes she was uncomfortable but not with the bum-shaking. She's all about that in fact, what disquieted her was quite the opposite. Hough was unnerved by the lack of enthusiasm and booty-wiggle shown by Amber Rose and Chmerkovskiy in their "Booty" dance. When dancers don't exude enough zeal or energy in what should be a very exuberant dance, Hough, says it's "uncomfortable" to watch.

That's uncomfortable as in awkward or trainwreck, not prudish modesty.

Where to go from here?

So Amber Rosehas a choice here. She can continue to wallow in embarrassment and play the woe-is-me card. Arguably it's easy, in the post-dance exhaustion, to take comments personally. But it can also be excuse-making. Now that she knows what Hough meant, she could woman up, take Hough's advice to head (instead of heart) and fix what the performance lacked.

She could work out her frustration on the dance floor and kick the next DWTS episode's butt.

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