Amber Rose is known as the queen of sex-positive neo-feminism and recently, she proved that no topic is too NSFW when she opened up about masturbation. With guests Blac Chyna and sex therapist Dr. Chris Donahue present on her new "Loveline" podcast, Rose detailed how she really likes to pleasure herself in front of the mirror.

Does Amber Rose go too far with sex advice?

Amber Rosehas proved time and again that no topic is off limits with her new show. She even sparked a bit of a Twitter feud with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa last week when she opened up about a recent threesome experience that left much to be desired.Rose revealed that she had never tried the risque sex act before so recently she decided to get down and dirty with a man and a woman at the same time.

She revealed that despite her reputation for being wild, sharing her partner is just not something that she enjoyed and probably wouldn't be trying again.

Then Amber made a comment about how she needed to wash away the yuck from the recent sexcapade by hooking back up with Wiz for a little rebound sex. That's when Khalifa jumped on Twitter and condemned Amber Rose for bringing his name into her threesome business. He made it clear that he wasn't trying to bed Rose again and that he just wanted to spend quality time with his family and be a good dad.

Despite her wild reputation, Amber Rose claims she isn't that sexually active

The whole thing led to an argument between the two where Amber Rose says that Wiz Khalifa slut-shamed her yet again. The irony is that Amber says threesomes are something that Wiz has done many times and when she tried it, he blasted her for bringing him up.

Back to the matter at hand (pun intended), Amber is pretty enthusiastic about her masturbation technique.

Apparenlty, she thinks that self-pleasure in front of the mirror is much safer than filming the event. That way she can still get the thrill of seeing herself without risking someone else getting a hold of the tape and sharing it with the world.

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