Maksim Chmerkovskiy made his return fromDancing With The Starsretirement on Monday night's premiere of the ABC hit dancing show to pair up with Amber Rose as they hit the dance floor. Prior to the first episode ofDWTS,many fans questioned whether Amber would be able to keep up with the rest of the contestants when she hit the dance floor. Bejeweled in 20,000 rhinestones, Rose proved the doubters wrong when she showed everyone just how graceful she could be.

Amber Rose stuns in rhinestones

The judges gave Amber Rose plenty of praise, even calling her "that girl" and saying that she has grace on the dance floor.

Julianne Hough urged Amber to use her facial expressions while she was dancing. It was pretty obvious that Rose was nervous and counting dance steps as she was making sure to nail the routine. Bruno Tonioli clearly didn't know about Amber's past as a stripper and her familiarity with dance because he was shocked that she had as much grace as she did. Carrie Ann Inaba complimented Amber on her confidence and said that she did a great job. That's why it was shocking to the audience when all four judges gave Amber Rose a score of six when asked to rate her performance on a scale of 1 to 10.

The crowd boos the judges after Amber and Max receive a low score

The score reveal for Amber and Maksim's foxtrot upset her fans in the audience. After revealing her total score of 24, Amber's many friends and family in the audience broke out in a chorus of boos. That didn't phase Amber and Max though, with Max explaining that it wasn't the score that mattered at all. He was obviously very proud of his dancing partner and her ability to move on the dance floor.

Among the most notable of Amber Rose's friends and family that were cheering her on sat Blac Chyna in theDancing With The Starsaudience. Amber's controversial pregnant friend just debuted her own new show on E! on Sunday night. It was great to see her sitting in the stands as she cheered for Amber as her friend danced her heart out in a dress that Amber confessed she would never have worn if she had picked her own costume.

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