This Sunday, Sept.18, "All Day I Dream" ,the party series launched by scene stalwart lee burridge comes to a close with one last dance in the Big Apple. Revelers from around the world are expected to join Burridge who will be spinning along with an all-star cast that includes Hoj and Deep Desert. Entitled "All Day I Dream of Summer's Fade", this edition is set to be a truly magical audio visual experience that will warm the hearts of New York's dance music lovers for the cooler months ahead.

Sanctuary atop the clouds

Those who have not danced with this party system can expect ultra-current house and techno served up with plenty of tension and drama.

"All Day I Dream" has built a reputation for quality that had made its events true destination gatherings, pulling together the best of the global electronic dance community. Taking place on New York's Governor's Island, this version of "All Day I Dream" is no doubt expected to be one of New York's hottest events the weekend.

The final release of ticket for this event is available via Resident Advisor. The online electronic music magazine is currently the best outlet through which to secure tickets for this truly awe inspiring celebration of modern dance culture.

Castles in the sky

Party people on the west coast have reason to be excited as well. "All Day I Dream of Floating Cities" is currently scheduled for Saturday, Oct.

1. Like the one-day event in New York, this edition of "All Day I Dream" will be hosted by Lee Burridge and will also feature Oona Dahl and Lauren Ritter. Like the New York event, this edition will close out the crew's summer party series on the west coast.

Taking place atMiddle Harbor Shoreline Park at the Port of Oakland,"All Day I Dream of Floating Cities"is expected to be one of the hottest events of the fall season in San Francisco.

Party people from around the country and across the world are expected to arrive en mass to dance their hearts away and celebrate peace, unity and respect. In this new era of dance politics, parties like "All Day I Dream" are exciting sensibilities and creating a new landscape of possibility.

Events of this nature have been celebrated for creating safe spaces where adults of all different identities statuses can meet in safety.

These events create the vital linkage between work and play. Cultural opportunities of this magnitude leave individuals more inspired and connected. While dance music has not always been viewed in a positive light, it is important to remember the cascade of goodness attendance in events like "All Day I Dream" can cause.

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