Alicia Keys has new music out and it's really, really good. That's now what people are talking about, though. Instead, many fans of the popular singer are talking about her new look. Alicia swore off makeup and it looks like she's sticking to her makeup free pledge no matter how big the event and no matter who has something negative to say about it.

Alicia Keys wipes off Tamron Hall's makeup

Alicia has made it clear that her self-worth isn't about the makeup on her face or what others think of her.

When she said she was not wearing makeup anymore, she meant it and that even meant when performing live, appearing on the MTV Video Music Awards and during her most recent appearance on the "Today Show."

There has been a pretty huge reaction to Alicia Keys makeup free lifestyle. Some are standing behind the singer for doing what she feels is right while others have blasted her for not taking the time to look "put together." Either way, Keys really doesn't care because as she puts it, she is just being her true self.The Grammy-winner stepped it up during her "Today Show" appearance when she helped the co-hosts Tamron Hall, Billy Bush, and even Al Roker to remove their makeup as well.

"The biggest difference is my knowing of myself and the ability to really be comfortable exactly as I am, who I am," Alicia said during the interview, "It's hard to get to that place. I think that's something we battle with through our whole lives."

Keys message empowers women to be their true self

Alicia Keys is sending a message to encourage others to be their true selves too. That doesn't necessarily mean that she wants everyone to remove their makeup and run around fresh-faced all the time.

Instead, Keys wants people to just do the things that make them feel happy. If not wearing makeup out of the house is that thing that makes someone happy, surely that's what they should do. Even if they are performing in front of thousands of people. Keys just wants people to do the things that make them feel good about themselves. For her, opting out of heavy makeup has made her happy.

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