Transgender activist and actor Alexis Arquette died on Sunday, September 11th leaving behind many loving family members, friends, and fans grieving the passing of the 47-year-old. New details surrounding Arquette's death are now beginning to emerge revealing some recent major changes in Arquette's life along with the alleged cause of death.

Alexis Arquette cause of death revealed

Radar Online has reported to have recently spoken with longtime friend and ex Robert Dupont and the interview has appeared to clear up a lot of unanswered questions that have been burning through the minds of many following Arquette's death announcement yesterday.

The celebrity news site posted a photo of Alexis that was taken just weeks before death sporting a Hawaiian Punch tee, sunglasses, and a yellow flower placed behind the left ear. The photo was taken according to twins Richard and Robert Dupont after spending the day with Alexis in Santa Monica just weeks before death.

Robert Dupont, who used to date Alexis Arquette back in the 90s revealed that Alexis has revealed to the them that he had made the decision to live life once again as a man, and asked Dupont if he had any unwanted clothing for him to wear.

Dupont claims that he had put together a box of items for Alexis, but sadly had never gotten around to sending them out before his close friend's passing.

Alexis Arquette made major life decisions before passing

Alexis Arquette's acting credits include "Bride of Chucky" "Of Mice and Men" and "The Wedding Singer." Arquette's last film role was in the Adam Sandler comedy film "Blended" in 2014.

Most news sites at this time have not reported the cause of Arquette's death, but Radar alleges that there were a number of health issues that Alexis had been fighting.

Revealing that Arquette had been suffering from Aids, an inoperable tumor and a very serious infection that had spread to the liver. At this time, no further details pertaining to Arquette's death or memorial service details have been revealed. The Arquette family has asked for complete privacy during this difficult time.

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