Alec Baldwin showed off his new son Leonardo with wife Hilaria Baldwin, and his maintained 35-pound weight loss. Baldwin credits a sugarfree diet and his wife Hilaria's yoga and good example for his extreme makeover. As for Hilaria, folks wonder if she will drop baby fat as fast as she did with son Rafael. Mrs. Baldwin shed an eye-popping 18 pounds in just 10 weeks postpartum with baby number 2. Here's more on the Baldwins' healthy lifestyle regimen.

Alec Baldwin gains wife, loses weight

In his "Knot's Landing" days, Alec Baldwin was lean and hot. But age was not kind to the famous eldest of the Baldwin brothers.

By his early fifties, Alec was positively obese and looked haggard. His bloated face and puffy eyes aged him twenty years. At 54, the ex-husband of supermodel Kim Basingerwas on death's door, said doctors, and it showed. Then he met and married Hilaria Thomas, 26 years his junior. The May-December union had a rejuvenating effect on the "Match Game" host. A zen adherent, yoga instructor and nutrition guru, Hilaria got her husband to a healthier place. Baldwin's fast-growing family, including Carmen, 3, Rafael, 14 months, and baby Leonardo, and young wife keep Baldwin young, but anobesity-related health scare started him on the road.

Sugarfree diet takes out diabetes specter

At 54, Baldwin was headed toward morbid obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

His doctors warned that unless he got his prediabetes (aka insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome) under control, he faced full-blown diabetes. To get blood sugar down, he needed to get his weight down.And losing weight meant losing sugar in his diet. Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle diseaseborn of obesity and over-consumption of refined sugar, fatty foods (yes, there's high sugar in fried foods) and processed foods.

Refined sugar is a toxin, docs warn. It stores as fat in the body and slows insulin production. Many Celebrities like Adele and Lisa Rileyof ITV "Loose Women" have lost weight to outrun diabetes. So Baldwin cut all processed sugar from his diet--cake, pie, ice cream, soda pop, even gum and mints. He does eat some natural sugar in fruit but that's it.

And the sugarless diet lost Baldwin diabetes but also 35 pounds and the looming specter of early death.

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