"Alaskan Bush People" is a go for season 6! This much anticipated news is welcomed by fans who have been hanging in there with high hopes. The prospect of this new season has been up in the air for so long that folks were starting to think that the "Alaskan Bush People" might just be a re-run favorite from now on, but that is not the case. The rumors of cancellation started to hold some water as time went on, but Matt emerges and drains that thought -- season 6 is coming!


Finally confirmed!

The Movie News Guide also comments on the long wait for the die-hard fans of this wilderness show and they speculate on some of the reasons the Discovery Channel may have waited so long before confirming a season 6 is in production. The new season is due to premiere somewhere in the beginning of November, according to Matt Brown himself!

With all the hoopla over the show's authenticity, they might have had some concerns about bringing the show back, so this could have explained the long wait to hear word.


Many networks like to see their shows go out while still holding good ratings. With the "Alaskan Bush People" waning in viewership, they might have pondered stepping off while there's still some interest in the show. But this speculation didn't materialize into reality!

What's up with Matt?

The next big question is about Matt. Is the very popular Brown brother coming back to the show after his stay in rehab?

We know Matt's been out of rehab for some time now, but the only info that was available about Matt -- believe it or not -- came from fans by way of photos. Pictures posted of Matt Brown in and around the area of Alaska where the show is filmed popped up periodically online. This would happen now and then after a fan's brief encounter with the eldest son of Billy and Ami Brown.

Matt spills the beans on premiere target

Matt looks good and the encounters with the fans have all been reported as pleasant.

As far as his place on the show, it is not confirmed by Discovery if he will be joining the "Alaskan Bush People" in Browntown, but his Facebook post above sounds like he is. He writes that the Discovery Channel is getting "us" ready for the new season. It sounds as if he considers himself included!  The other plot brewing in the Brown family is romance and that is between Josh, "Bam" Brown and the producer of the "Alaskan Bush People," Alison Kagan.



Romance, maybe even marriage for Bam     

This summer the two vacationed together in the Big Apple and Bam posted pictures of them on social media. Fans of the show are hoping they see how the romance bloomed on the show. Some are suggesting the two may be husband and wife already, according to The Bitbag. Finally romance for a Brown child!

Reality show or docu-drama -- who cares?

It is now to the point that the show is considered a "docu-drama" apparently because it is partially scripted.


The show was built around what Billy and Ami did with their kids for a good stretch of time in the Alaskan wilderness. They lived off-grid, home-schooled the kids and they relied on what nature gave them in the wild. The family learned how to fish, hunt, and forge the forest floor for nourishment. 

He's the hunter in the woods or supermarket!

Recently Matt was spotted forging for food, but he wasn't on his knees looking for grubs, he was in a supermarket by the frozen foods! A fan caught a picture of the wilderness man looking domesticated! As you can see below, folks have not lost interest in  the "Alaskan Bush People," as one show created the Brown Family into a "South Park"-like cartoon!  

The Discovery Channel once took pride in airing shows that were based in nature and in truth, but some of their famous documentaries turned out to be somewhat tweaked for entertainment value, like the mermaid series. Could this be the same thing that they did for the "Alaskan Bush People" show? The show has "updated" their cover picture and the Facebook post of that photo can be seen below:

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