Matt Brown, the eldest son of the “Alaskan Bush People” family, is one of the show’s favorite cast members, and many viewers are looking forward to seeing Matt again in season 4. Fans eager to know where Matt has been spending time this month might enjoy finding out that Matt is in Hoonah, Alaska. After dealing with his drinking problems and spending some time in rehab, the Brown family’s oldest son has returned home and joined his folks in preparing for the new season 4. Matt is not only near Browntown, the filming location of “Alaskan Bush People,” but he is also busy posing in photos with fans who live in Hoonah.

When will the Brown family return to television?

According to Matt Brown and Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown’s fan Facebook pages, Discovery Channel is said to begin airing “Alaskan Bush People” season 4 on November 10, 2016. While the date has not been officially confirmed by Discovery Channel, an insider to the reality television show cast members reports that the date for season 4 is in line with last season’s date, which was on November 11, 2015.

Season 3 of Matt Brown’s family living in the Alaskan wilderness aired from November 11, 2015, until July 29, 2016. Matt Brown, who was absent during the season 3 finale, took an early leave from the show in order to deal with his personal challenges. As reported by the Morning Ledger, Matt apparently spent some time in Seattle, Washington, where he was in rehab.

Where is Matt Brown now?

Matt Brown has been captured in numerous photos taken by Lilly James. James, who is a resident of Hoonah, Alaska, and who sees the wilderness folks frequently, has been kind enough to share plenty of pictures taken with Matt Brown. Not only is Matt back in Alaska, but he is also back with his so-called bush family.

In her most recent photo, Lilly James shared a photo of some of the “Alaskan Bush People” family members, which she took from her car. While Lilly’s white-haired mom is sitting in the passenger seat with the door open, in look no other than Matt Brown, Rainy, Birdy, and Noah.

Fans have a clear message for critics

Critics who like to emphasize that the reality television show about the Alaskan wilderness folks is fake, are getting a clear message by Matt Brown’s fans. “If you don’t like it, change the channel.” From Australia to Sweden, millions of international viewers are enjoying Discovery Channel’s program about the Brown family’s life in the Alaskan outback.

Most fans are well aware that Matt Brown’s family is not confined to the Alaskan bush, but that they have a life apart from being cast members on a television show. However, fans emphasize that the Brown family program is a family-friendly show that lacks the obscene language and violence dominating so many other television programs today.

Instead, viewers are offered programming that includes the Brown family’s survival skills in the Alaskan wilderness, innovative use of unusual items, humor, and – most importantly – family closeness and support.

Quite interestingly, many fans share that they grew up as an only child and that a family consisting of seven siblings – Matt Brown, Joshua (who just turned 32), Bear, 28, Gabe 25, Noah, 23, Snowbird, 21, and 12-year-old Rain – makes it worth watching the show. With Matt having returned to his family and filming in Browntown, fans are understandably more than eager for season 4 of “Alaskan Bush People” to begin.

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