Fans and even critics of “Alaskan Bush People” are excited to hear that the new season for the reality television show is scheduled to begin in November. While the November date has not been confirmed by Discovery Channel and social media sites are emphasizing that the date is only a rumor at this point, fans are anxious and eager to read about any information when Matt Brown and his family will return to television.

The Brown family is back in the Alaskan wilderness

Fans living in Alaska are reporting that the Brown family members and production crew are back in Hoonah after some filming at Browntown.

Apparently, as one critic points out, the filming at Browntown included a cow who is left alone to defend herself in the wilderness while the Browns are spending time in comfort in Hoonah.

“Now that the family and production crew are back in Hoonah after some filming at Browntown, I am wondering who is caring for the cow,” writes one observer. Given the Browns' track record for animal neglect, I really hope there is a caretaker out there looking after that poor animal. And whatever happened to Billy's claim he would never, ever bring an animal into the bush that doesn't belong there? If that animal if left alone, it will be bear bait. And what is it eating? No natural pasture out there. Such a shame.”

The storyline of the cow is rather intriguing and it will be interesting to see if and how the animal will be included in the new season.

According to another critic of the reality television show, the cow had to be shipped to the filming location at Browntown because no locals were willing to sell or donate their animal to the show.

Matt Brown is also back in Alaska

Matt, the eldest son of the Brown family, is not only back in the Alaskan wilderness, but he is apparently enjoying the attention given to him by local fans.

Last week, Matt was spotted in Juneau, Alaska, and posed for a photo with a fan in a grocery store. This week, Matt posed for a picture for a fan in Hoonah. The photo shows Matt Brown together in Alaska with his sisters Rainy and Birdy.Matt Brown’s closeness to his siblings is one of the aspects that many fans admire.

How many 35-year-old men are proud to be photographed with much younger sisters?

Joshua Brown turned 32

Joshua Brown, the second-oldest son of the Alaskan wilderness family, turned 32 on Sunday and received the warmest birthday wishes from his fans. After having spent several weeks in New York City and finding true love with the show’s producer, Allison Kagan, Joshua is reportedly also back with his family for the filming of “Alaskan Bush People.”

From filming to airing a reality television show

Based on the observations reported by fans and critics living near Browntown in Alaska, the Brown family and the show’s crew were busy filming during the month of August. Of the many hours spent filming, however, only a few of the scenes actually make it on to the screen.

Since the editing process is a time-consuming process, the November rumored air date for the new season of “Alaskan Bush People” seems to be about accurate.

Some fans are confused

Most critics and fans of “Alaskan Bush People” are all too well aware that the Brown family’s reality television show is not quite that real and that Browntown is actually a set where the filming takes place. However, some fans of the show apparently do still believe that Matt Brown, his siblings and his parents, are actually living in the Alaskan wilderness away from civilization. Some fans, thinking that the Browns are poor and struggling to survive in the Alaskan outback, have sent money to Matt Brown’s family, as reported by Movie News Guide.

After numerous fans congratulated Joshua Brown for his birthday, one fan wrote that it would be nice if someone would pass the wishes on to Joshua since “the family is off the grid. Wouldn't it be nice to somehow tell the family about the fan pages?!!”

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