It looks like Matt Brown from the ''Alaskan Bush People" was captured in a picture while he was on a hunt gathering food recently in Alaska. A fan happened to see Matt as he rounded a cold corner making his way to the frozen food section, but he stopped his quest for just long enough to snap a picture with the fan. While forging for food in the grocery store isn't anywhere near as exciting as seeing Matt Brown and the "Alaskan Bush People" attempt to live off the land, there are many viewers out there who would rather see Matt buy a frozen pizza than shoot down a deer for supper!

Stagnant storylines?

The Aussie News Network is suggesting that season 4 of the "Alaskan Bush People" will focus on Matt and his journey through treatment for substance abuse. The thought behind this has to do with the show becoming rather stagnant, and by focusing on thetreatment it might put the show in good graces once again. You have to admit there are just so many times you can watch the same old antics seen over and over again by the immature-acting adult children of the Brown family.

Is new season a go?

Still the wait for an official announcement of another season of the show has been long and drawn out. You have to admit it does keep the fans interested, so it is quite possible the quiet routine coming from the Discovery Channel adds to the intrigue of the show's fate.

When the show first aired this family was aphenomenon because the Brown's were billed as the family living off the grid in the Alaskan wilderness.Folks were led to believe that they had been living like this for years. It was amazing to see them forego all the modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and packaged food while still believing this was their only way of life!

The great reveal!

As the show became a hit and more and more people tuned in, investigations done by amateur sleuths turned up evidence that this family wasn't as off the grid as once thought. While they filmed in the Alaskan bush, the family had a home in a rural neighborhood where they lived when not shooting the series.

When the family did film the "Alaskan Bush People," they stayed in a motel in a nearby town. Many fans felt a bit betrayed by this news, but others still felt this family was entertaining no matter where they laid their heads down at night.

Brown Family and a new season?

Back to the newseasonconundrum...Aussie News believes that honing in on Matt for the up and coming season (if there is one) would be the thing to do to bring interest back to the show. With addiction running rampant in this country, offering up some interesting information on the effect the treatment had on Matt would surly entice more viewers than just the traditional fans of the show to tune in. Opening a window into Matt's treatment and the effects this had on the "Alaskan Bush People" family members would also work as a public service.

Before anything can happen the folks from the Discovery Channel need to announce the fate of the show...will it return or not?

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