AR Murugadoss, the acclaimed Indian filmmaker is known for crafting movies by breaking all kinds of stereotypes, and he has repeated the same magic in his new Hindi film Akira that hit the theaters on September 02, 2016. Unlike his other films which portrayed the macho feel of manhood, the director has selected a women-oriented subject in this present outing.

The right blend of grace and strength

The meaning of Akira in Sanskrit is "a right union of strength, masculinity, and grace". In this film, Sonakshi is being seen with the three factors mentioned above, and the actress has done full justice to this character.

Through this feature, Murugadoss has showcased the different side of Indian women, as we can see Sonakshi trashing baddies into pulp, and moreover, breaking all the cliches surrounding the typical lady characters which are getting molded in Bollywood.

A well-crafted story

Sinha has done the role of a young college girl in this feature. She hails from a dysfunctional family, and circumstances have made her short tempered. The anger and grudge of the girl made her unfit in her village, and soon her parents send her to Mumbai as they believe that the fast paced city life may calm her down a bit.

But what she sees in Mumbai are sheer injustices against women and girls, and this compels her to fight against the odds in the Indian society.

What follows next is some strong punches and powerful one-liners from the chubby beauty of Bollywood.

'Akira' review by Kamaal R Khan:

The success of this movie is largely dependent on Murugadoss' incredible directorial skills.

Both the halves have been paced well and has added some twists and turns in the second half which will provide a jaw-dropping feel to the viewers. The screenplay and dialogues were also good.

Box-office prediction

The film is expected to be the biggest opener for Sonakshi in her career.

Most of the theaters in Mumbai and Bangalore have witnessed 70% attendance, and it clearly indicates that this picture will collect more than 12 Crore INR by the end of the first weekend.

The flick is expected to collect around Rs. 7-8 crores on day one. It depends on the word of mouth for the weekend earnings..

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