Tom Hanks, whose Clint Eastwood film about the “Miracle on the Hudson” “Sully” is eying a World War II epic, “Greyhound,” about a destroyer captain “fights his self-doubts and personal demons to prove he belongs” according to Deadline. The title comes from a period slang term for Navy destroyers because they ran fast in the ocean compared to larger ships. Hanks has written the script and hoped to star in it.

Hanks has made a career of playing “everymen,” fundamentally decent human beings caught in high-stress situations who rise to the occasion.

In “Captain Phillips” he played a merchant ship captain who has to save his ship, his crew, and himself from Somali pirates. In last year’s “Bridge of Spies” he was an insurance lawyer who navigates the minefield of Cold War politics to first defend a Soviet spy and then uses him to make an exchange for downed U 2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. In “Sully” Hanks is airline pilot Chesley Sullenberger who saved his passengers and crew by making a water landing on the Hudson River and then had to endure second-guessing of his actions by the NTSB.

Hank’s interest in World War II stems from his role as Captain Harper, the school teacher turned Army Ranger in the Steven Spielberg directed “Saving Private Ryan.” Since then he has helped to produce a number of World War II miniseries for HBO including “Band of Brothers,” “The Pacific,” and the upcoming “The Mighty Eighth.”

The description of what the character goes through in “Greyhound” suggests that Hanks is also trying to stretch himself as an actor.

Most of the roles he has played have been of men who do not have lots of character flaws with the conflict being mainly exterior. It looks like the destroyer captain in the World War II movie has some issues to work through as he tries to ready himself, his ship, and his crew to fight the enemy in the greatest, bloodiest conflict ever to be fought in human history. It should be interesting to see the film once it is produced and released.

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