Cult classicCartoon Network series “Adventure Time” will officially come to its end. However, the series still has quite a way to go before it says its final goodbye.Officially, the show will continue until 2018, with new fifteen-minute episodes, as well as a few new half-hour specials, expected to be set to air for the time being. According to one report, there is around “142 half-hours of content” that have yet to be released.

The show’s creator Pendleton Ward has released a statement, saying that he was glad that the series “connected with an audience for so long” and labeled the series a “passion project” of sorts.At this point, it is unclear if the show is cancelled, meaning that it was mainly the network’s decision to end the show, or if it had simply ended, meaning the creators decided to end the show.

What was this show about?

The series officially premiered on the network on 2010, and detailed the life of a boy named Finn who lived in the mysterious land of “OOO” with his talking pet dog, Jake, who had the power to shape-shift, all the while, contending with various supernatural characters like wizards or vampires. Initially coming off as an innocent fantasy show, the storyline became darker over time, implying that Finn was possibly the sole human survivor of a post-apocalyptic world.The series proved popular enough to garner various well-known Celebrities as guest stars, such as Neil Patrick Harris or George Takei.

Interestingly enough, Cartoon Network had previously saved the show from obscurity in the first place, as the project was originally developed as a pilot for the Nickelodeon network, as part of their short-lived Random Cartoons! series. While Nickelodeon eventually passed on the series, the pilot gained a second life online when it was uploaded onto YouTube. Quickly becoming a meme of sorts, the clip proved popular enough to get Cartoon Network to commission a series based around it.

The pilot, which can be viewed below, resembled the series as it would eventually become, although a few changes are notable, such as the main character being named Penn, after the show’s creator, being changed to Finn in the proper series.

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