Readers probably won’t be surprised to hear that the brand new baby girl, born to Adam Levine, 37, and Behati Prinsloo, 27, is beautiful. With those combined genes, how could the little girl miss! The celebrity baby was born on Wednesday, September 21 and even has an appropriately beautiful name, Dusty Rose Levine.

Adam or Behati: Who does Dusty most resemble?

As to which of her celeb parents Dusty resembles the most, a source told E! News that she looks just like her super model mother. The source added that Adam was in the delivery room at the time of the birth and was holding Behati’s hand.

Reportedly both parents cried when she was born, after which both families then joined the couple and the new arrival. Reportedly the source said that both Adam and Behati were speechless at that moment and didn’t say how they felt to be new parents. However, we did get to hear that the baby was healthy, sweet and completely happy.

The Voice coach and his super model wife announced the pregnancy back in March this year and confirmed a month later that the baby would be a girl.

At the time Behati was very excited to know which gender their baby was going to be and couldn’t wait for the birth. According to People, at that time Adam Levine told reporters that he wasn’t nervous about impending fatherhood, but did admit this would probably change when the baby arrived, saying he would probably be a lot more freaked out when he sees the baby.

Adam Levine on children: Dusty may be the first child, but she definitely won’t be the last

While Dusty is the couple’s first child, reportedly she will not be an only child, as the idea of starting a family has been a priority for Adam and Behati for a long time. Levine even said back in August 2014 that he wanted to have "100 kids," adding that, in fact, he wants more children than is “socially responsible.” Since the birth, E!

News have spoken to the new dad who says it is awesome to be a father. Adam said he was very excited and would definitely be spoiling both Behati and the new baby.

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