Out of Calgary, Alberta, actor Lane Edwards has been nailing some big roles lately. Not only will he be seen opposite Sam Worthington in "The Shack," and was proud to be directed by Robert Redford in the film “The Company We Keep”. Known for his roles in TV's "Supernatural," “Arrow," “The Killing," “Falling Skies," "Motive," and plenty more.

Colleen Bement: It is the 20th anniversary of the unthinkable murder of JonBenet Ramsey. It’s difficult yet interesting to revisit this again. You play detective Ron Gosage in “Who Killed JonBenet”.

What can you share about the film and your role?

Lane Edwards: I'm playing one of the lead detectives in the case, Ron Gosage. He took a very special interest in the case from not only a professional perspective but the perspective of a father. He and Det. Steve Thomas (Eion Bailey), were meticulous and dogged in their pursuit of the truth, because for them it was very much about her as a little girl. We tried to remember that while we were telling the story. That she was the most important thing.

We really wanted to tell this story with as much respect for the truth and for her as we could. The same way the detectives approached it.

CB: Just curious. Do you and the character you play share any similarities?

LE: I guess just as far as attempting to maintain as much integrity as possible but to be honest I'm a little more gregarious and outgoing than Ron. He seemed like a pretty quiet, focused guy.

CB: I read that you are playing opposite Sam Worthington in next year’s adaptation of the novel “The Shack." What can you tell your fans about that project?

LE: I'm so excited for this project. "The Shack" is really the journey of a man dealing with very acute personal trauma and how that can look for us. I play Officer Tommy Dalton, who fans of the book will know, but I really don't want to give anything away.

I can say that I very much enjoyed working with Sam and also with our director Stuart Hazeldine who is a masterful storyteller and has become a good friend.

Edwards on "Supernatural"

CB: You’ve played an angel in multiple episodes of “Supernatural."Any cool stories that you can share?

LE: I wish I had a hilarious anecdote or two for you but aside from an embarrassing moment involving a huge sneeze, things run very smoothly on that show. It's known as a favorite for local actors to work on because of how gracious and kind the stars are and how professional and welcoming the crew is. And that's the truth!

That's not brown-nosing. If you ask any Vancouver actor who's worked on it they'll say the same thing.

Directed by Robert Redford

CB: I noticed that you played the role of an FBI tech agent in the 2012 film “The Company We Keep." What can you share about being directed by Robert Redford?

LE: This was an amazing experience and one of my first gigs so I was on cloud nine the whole time. Mr. Redford is a great director as one would expect. He's really a pick up your lunch box and go to work kind of guy which I did not expect. Incredibly professional and of course a great communicator. Very much an "actor's" director.

I think this was the first time that I became aware of how much of a gift it is to get to do what I do.

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