AC/DC will soon be down to one original band member, Angus Young. Bassist Cliff Williams will soon be taking his final bow on stage as a member of the legendary rock group.

Is AC/DC about to call it quits?

Williams, 66, has announced that he is ready to forgo rock and roll and spend his golden years just hanging with his family. Cliff Williams has been rocking with the band since 1977, so yeah, four decades is a long time. Williams first mentioned his departure plans back in July on the band's Facebook page.

As far as the band is concerned the past couple of years have really taken a toll on members.

Malcolm Young left the band after he was diagnosed with dementia, which left him no other choice but to retire. Fans are well aware of drummer Phil Rudd's issues with drugs and the law which forced him out. Lead singer Brian Johnson also faced some major medical issues and was told per doctor's orders to stop performing after suffering a major hearing loss.

AC/DC loses all original band members but one

Following Brian's exit Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose took over as a fill-in singer for the band'scurrent tour.

But Axl and the GN'R reunion tour has proven very lucrative for all, so he really can't front both bands full time successfully. This now leaves the lone showman Angus Young. At this time it is not known how Young will handle band business now that he is virtually a solo act.

The aging rocker could very well make the hard decision to disband the group entirely, after all, he is not getting any younger and it's hard at his age to rock out at that pace forever.

However, Angus could very well take some time off, search for new members and come back at us stronger than ever. But would AC/DC fans be able to accept an almost entirely new made over version of AC/DC?

Forty years is a very impressive run that most bands are unable to endure. Whatever the future holds for this iconic bandfans will forever have four decades of some of the best rock and roll ever made.

What are your thoughts? Could you get on board with a new AC/DC, or is it time for Young to hang up his guitar and retire along with the rest of the band?

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