ABC's "Notorious" is set to premiere on 22 September and press releases all mention that "LHL’s junior producer, Megan Byrd, receives surprising information about Julia’s fiancé." What has been revealed about Eric? There is not a lotof information about the role that Eric Jessup will play in the first episode, "Pilot." We do know that Jessup is played by guest starMarc Blucas and that Jessup is arecently appointed Federal Judge and is also Julia's fiancé.

An intriguing teaser

We don't know just yet exactly what information Megan Byrd got about Jessup, or where the information came from, but it is a little teaser that is intriguing.

According to Mike's Film talk, Jessup is described as a "bit of a player." The whole plot is about politics, drama, intrigue, and crime, so he could be a bit of a player in almost any sense of the word. There is no mentionthat Marc Blucas will guest star in the next "Notorious" episode that follows "Pilot," andMarc Blucas Source, an unofficial fan site did confirm on September 9th that he will act in at least the first episode.It is possible that in future episodes Jessup will return - after all this promises to such an open-ended series that almost anything is possible as time goes by.

The Marc Blucas Source posted upnew production stills on 9 September and some of the photos seem to indicate all is not well between Julia and Eric. The photos show her first looking a bit aggressive as she approaches him, then she looks really hurt and finally she walks out, pushing him away from her, while he stands there with arms spread wide in the pose of every boyfriend who has ever been caught out since time began.

Things look to go bad between Julia and Eric

If things are not well between Juliaand Jessup this could be what TV was talking about when they wrote that "her personal life takes a hit in the premiere." The fact that they mention this personal hit will "leave her focused more on the bigger mystery that threatens to take over Jake's life," suggests in a way that Jessup and Julia will part their ways, allowing her to focus on other issues.

If they are going to break up their relationship, what could possibly be the cause of it? Was it the "something" that Byrd came across? And if so, what is that "something?"

Well, it could be almost anything in a high-stakes legal drama that involves the media,judges and attorney's, but as a shot in the dark spoiler, it could be that Byrd heard about Jessup's shenanigans with high-class escorts. If, as has been pointed out by Season Zero, Eric Jessup has been playing the field a bit – this could be the information that Megan Byrd stumbles upon. Probably, that type of secret does not remain a secret for too long and word reaches Julia.

And to nearly screw the lid tight on this theory,Season Zero’s review tells us that Eric has "been cheating on her with high priced escorts."

Certainly, the photos posted up byThe Marc Blucas Source seem to indicate that Julia did indeed find out about his cheating and confronted him over the issue. This could bust up the relationship but to see if her presumably ex-fiance Eric impacts on the series further down the line of episodes, fans will just have to keep watching ABC's new "Notorious" series.

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