ABC News Anchor Elizabeth Vargas speaks to Diane Sawyer about her battle with alcoholismin a20/20 special that airs on ABC on Friday, September 9, 2016. Vargas did not hold back. She was very transparent about her long struggle with alcohol. She explains how her drinking affected those around her especially her young children. Because of her drinking, Elizabeth admits she almost died. Even with a lethal amount of alcohol in her body, she couldn't stop. It is interesting because Vargas usually reports the news on 20/20, but on this occasion, the 54-year-old is the one being interviewed.

Elizabeth Vargas and drinking

Vargas confessed that she started drinking because ofanxiety she was experiencing while trying to cope with personal issues in her life.She married singer and songwriter, Marc Cohn onon July 20, 2002. A year later in 2003, their first son Zachary Raphael Cohn was born. Three years later in 2006, they welcomed a second son, Samuel Wyatt Cohn. By November 6, 2013, ABC confirmed Vargas was being treated for alcoholism. By January 24, 2014, the news anchor was in rehab for the second time. In August 2014, Vargas and Cohn divorced after 12 years.

Vargas began drinking Chardonnay which became her drink of choice. She said it helped numb her problems, but that's not the only thing the wine did.

It also blurred the good and positive things from her life. She recalls that when she was on vacation in 2014 after her divorce, she ended up in a detox center in Pasadena. The saddest thing about this is that it was on her son's eighth birthday. Instead of celebrating with him, it turned into a nightmare.

Elizabeth is sober now, but she told People magazine in a recent interview that rehab didn't get her sober. It was the realization that she was about to lose everything.


In addition to the 20/20 interview, the news anchor promoted her memoir, Between Breaths, which will be in bookstores on September 13.

In her book, Vargas opens up about hitting rock bottom twice. She talks freely about her regret andhow ashamed she was for the impact her drinking had on her two sons.She and Cohn are co-parenting Sam, 10 and Zach, 13. Vargas is hoping the interview and her memoir will help others not make the same mistakes she did.

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