Tickets sold out fast, but thankfully I got mine asan early Christmas gift

As I walked through the double glass doors of the Writers Guild of America, locatedin Beverly Hills, I had nearly collided with one of the many ticket-takers who werewearing their uniform for this particularnight—a yellow jumpsuit and a gasmask, otherwiseknown as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s crystal meth cooking attire.

It was only a matter of minutes before I saw "Breaking Bad's" TV creator, Vince Gilligan, and his pause of staff writers stepping away from the guest bar and headingoff into the main theater, where the Q&A would take place.

I was a bit stunned, expecting the show's creators to lock themselves away from the crowd of fans.But, instead they had mingledwith anyone. Including me!

Q&A panel

The Q&A panel hadlasted aboutthree hours. The writers went over the inspiration for the show, as well the series finale and how the cast and crew said their farewells to each other. It was bittersweet and cool. Ironically, most of the staff were in-between writing gigs, as well as unsure how their soon-to-be new show, "Better Call Saul," would go.

Once the microphone was handedtothe audience…the event went on for anotherhour or so.Being a diehard fan of the show myself, I satat the edge of my seat whenever the writers would glance at each other after being asked a question and say, “I don’t know, should we tell them…”

I was too scared to ask a question.

Thankfully, most of the audience who were bold enough to grab the microphone gotthe Breaking Bad staff to spill some of the show's top secrets. Well, they are notso secretive anymore.My favorite behind-the-scenes of the show was how the writersgot an idea for Walter White’s killing spree method. Staff writer, Gennifer Hutchinson, had explained that the idea was scrapped because it was deemed as too "violent." The concept was seeing Walter White tracking down one of hisnemesis ata Home Depot, demanding the mantopick a number between one and thirty.

And whatever number the man hadpicked…Walt broke that bone number in the man's body.

Meeting Vince Gilligan

Whenthe last fan question was asked, everyone had immediatelysurrounded the staff writers. Vince stayed the longest. Before his assistants guided him out of the WGA building, Vince had actually stopped and chatted with some of us, individually introducinghimself.I dropped my pen and flyer as soon as he had offered a handshake.

Of course…this would happen to me, but he thought it was funny. I was a bit mortified.

Meeting Vince was awesome! Hands down one of the most down-to-earth, genuine, andraddest people out there. Our conversation was brief since he was shuffled away once more people started to approach him. He even signed my copy of the Q&A flyer, asking what my name was and what I did for a living. At the time, I was a student and babbled on how my televisionstudies class was analyzing "Breaking Bad." He was impressed and had even encouraged me to stay in school and keep writing myself.

A cool moment, I must say.

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