2016 has been a sad year for America as they have lost so many'late-great' icons this year that were popular lLegends. They were not all been born in the USA, but they all called America 'home.' Withthe passing of the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer, on 25 September the grim reaper has notched up the 12th amazing achiever that Americans loved and have now lost.

David Bowie

10 days into the New year, the news came that famous English-born singer, songwriter, and Actor, David Bowie had died from liver cancer at hisapartment inNew York City.

He was cremated in New Jersey, and after his death sales of his musicsoared. During his lifetime over 140 million records were sold worldwide. Bowie movedto the USA in1974 andmade his home in Los Angeles. Nine months later his fans still tweet about him.

Phife Dawg

Phife Dawg was 45 years old when he died March 22, 2016, in California from diabetic complications.

The famous rapper was a giantin music circles. His 1991 album "The Low End Theory" was describedasthe greatest hip-hop album of all time. His music lives on through his fans.

Merle Haggard

On April 6, 2016, Haggard passed away on his79th birthday in Northern California after suffering from pneumonia. The founder of the 'Bakersfield' sound who started off life as a bad boy, saw the inside of prison for years.

He turned hs life around after earning a high school equivalency diploma and played for aprison band. By 1972 he was a music star. He earned a long list of Country Music Awards and an honorary degree of Doctor of Fine Arts. AlthoughMerle has passed on, people have not stopped loving his music:


The death of music icon Prince on April 21,2016 hit hard.

The multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer died suddenly from a fentanyl overdose in Minnesota. He performed numberless top selling songs, but his "Purple Rain" was best loved. After his death,700 people claimed to be related to him when he died without a will. Tributes to the talent of Prince are ongoing.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Alineeds no introduction. Famous worldwide, the Amercian Olympian professional boxer died at 74 on 3 June from septic shock.

Tributes poured in from across the world on his passing 36 years after winning the World Champ Title. Fans still feel the pain:

'Gordie' Howe

10 June2016, "Gordie" Howe, the beloved Ice Hockey player from Canada died.The record-holding NHL player, who played25 seasons for the Detroit Red Wings was known as "Mr. Hockey." He was 88 when he died in Toledo, Ohio. According to the "Canadian Press," "he is still No. 2 on the NHL's all-time goals list." His ashes were interred in his Canadian hometown, 25 September.

Pat Summitt

Pat was the American college basketball head coachwith the most wins inNCAA basketball history. She played the game too and took a silver medal at the 1976 Olympics. She passed away aged 64 onJune 28, 2016, at a senior living facility in Knoxville. She suffered from early dementia. She is remembered with respect.

Buddy Ryan

Famous as a football coach with theAFL and theNFL, Buddy's career spanned over 40 years as a player, coach, and manager.

He passed away at the age of 85 on 28 June 2016, in Kentucky. He had been battling cancer before his death. His sharp quips and quotes will be remembered.


The Romanian-bornwriter, activist and Nobel Laureate was also a holocaust survivor. He made his home in the USA for over 60 years and dedicated his life to the removal of racial hatred.

Gene Wilder

American comic actor Gene died aged 83 inConnecticut, onAugust 29.

The Emmy Award-winning actor's best role brought joy to millions of childrenin the film, "Willy Wonka and The Cocolate factory."

José Fernández

Josédied too young in a boating accident in Florida on 25 September. The Cuban-born pitcher played in the MLB for the Miami Martins through 2013 to 2016. Major league teams honored him by holding moments of silence after the news of his premature death.

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