In the world of soap operas, things are constantly changing. Characters are recast, favorites are moved to rival soaps and scripts change on a day-to-day basis. It's the nature of the beast.Case in point, Steve Burton has been a fan favorite on General Hospitalsince the early 90's.

General Hospital and the beginning

Fans got to know Burton as Jason Quartermaine, heir apparent to the Quatermaine family. However, an accident left his character with permanent brain damaged, which wiped his memory of his shy, naive persona.

What emerged later was a killer with a heart of gold named Jason Morgan. He left the Quartermaines and became mobster Sonny Corinthos' (Maurice Bernard) right hand man. This would be the role that would define Burton's career.

The "Restless" years

Everything changed in 2012 and 2013. Lead-in One Life To Live joined All My Children on the list of cancelled soap operas and all of the sudden soaps became a dying genre and soap opera acting opportunities became scarce.

Personally, Burtondecided he needed to make a change in his life and ended his 21-year stint on GH.

He resurfaced on The Young and the Restlessand like his General Hospital character, his new persona has gone through a number of reinventions. He was first introduced as Mack and then later as Dylan McAvoy, the Afghanistan war vet who is later revealed to be the long lost son of Paul Williams (Doug Davidson)and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).

Professionally, his character went from bar owner to police officer. Not bad for a former bad guy.

Hopes for the future

Now if you're a GH fan, you're still nostalgic for Jason Morgan, and while Burton is great as a good guy, he's also great as being a foil for a bad guy.So maybe in the future, he could have some banter with Victor Newman (Eric Braden).

After all, Newman is the bad guy who gets treated like the good guy and never gets into trouble just like Sonny. The thing that made Burton great as Jason was that he was always Sonny's conscience and Victor could use that, especially consideringthat he just framed his own son, Adam, for murder.

Now if you're thinking that this is too close to Jason Morgan and obviously a duplication cannot be made, consider this: McAvoy is basically working security as the number two man and owns a bar. That's pretty much Jason Morgan, but instead of being arrested, he's doing the arresting.

Currently, McAvoy is working under his father Paul and their characters are very similar.

They're both good guys seeking the truth. In Paul's younger days, he would have gone rogueand broken a couple of rules just like McAvoy is currently doing in Adam's case to get to the truth. So maybe Paul does need a conscience right now, but honestly, Paul has always had a strong moral compass. It would up the drama a bit, if McAvoy tried to be Newman's conscience. The fact of the matter is Newman is a one-man band and he only recruits family. Technically, McAvoy is not his family even if he is Nikki's son.

Now this is not a suggestion that Newman give over the reigns of his kingdom to McAvoy.

His character would never do that, but it is to suggest that McAvoy could fit right in at Newman Enterprises. Case in point, the picture below, nicknames McAvoy as Dullyn instead of Dylan. It's not that he's dull. He's just not in the right place yet.

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